Adding interior rooms into an outdoor space has become one of the biggest home improvement trends in recent years. More and more people are seeing the potential of their yards and using them to expand their living area. From outdoor cinema rooms to living rooms, none is more functional than the outdoor kitchen. This space allows you to cook, eat and socialize all year round while enjoying the pleasures of being outside. It should be just as practical as your indoor kitchen with surface space, storage, and appliances. So don’t think that all you need is a backyard BBQ and a table. To start creating the perfect outdoor kitchen for you and your family to enjoy, follow these five steps.

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Get inspired

To begin with, you need to establish what kind of outdoor kitchen you would like. Like most things, they come in an array of different styles and sizes. While this can broaden the amount of choice you have, it can also make things overwhelming. So to get inspired and to see what other people have accomplished with their outdoor kitchens, look in interiors magazines. You can also visit sites such as or look on interiors blogs. This will give you some excellent ideas on layout, lighting and which appliances you could use. It may also open up your eyes to how much potential your yard has and how you can maximize the space. It’s likely that you won’t want your kitchen to be the same as anyone else’s. You and your family will have your own ideas on what you want to use the kitchen for and how it can adapt to your needs. But doing this research and gaining inspiration gives this project the best possible start. Create a scrapbook of ideas to keep you inspired and on track throughout.

Choosing a location

Now you are truly inspired; you can start thinking about where you would like your kitchen to be positioned. This needs to be considered carefully, especially if you don’t have a large garden to begin with. Most people choose to locate their outdoor kitchen close the entrance of their homes for extra functionality. But there is nothing stopping you from locating it further away or in multiple locations. You should also consider where you can position your outdoor kitchen without ruining the view from inside your home. You could position it at an angle or to the side, depending on the available space. Think about which areas in your backyard get the most sunlight and which are in the shade. Keeping grills and ovens away from entrances and play areas should also be a priority. Sufficient planning will ensure you choose a spot that works perfectly while also being practical and safe.

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Create an appliance wish-list

The appliances you choose will determine the size of your outdoor kitchen. So it’s something that needs plenty of thought. Start creating an appliance wish-list using websites such as Think carefully about the items you choose and how much you are likely to use them. For instance, if you want to use your outdoor kitchen for entertaining, a wine fridge might be a worthwhile option. You might want to have a more simplified version of your indoor kitchen or want to be more extravagant. Whichever you decide, choose key, reliable appliance you know you will use. While also keeping their measurements and price in mind. Don’t forget to incorporate storages cabinets and drawers into the design too.

Consult with an expert

Now you have a better idea of what kind of outdoor kitchen you would like; it’s beneficial to talk to an expert. Unless you have knowledge in design and construction, you will probably need help bringing your ideas to life. Start looking at the online galleries of reputable architects and builders such as This will give you an indication of their experience in creating practical and high-quality outdoor kitchen spaces. Once you’ve found one or two that you think are suitable, invite them to your home to talk through your ideas. They should measure and check the area while also offering guidance and recommendations. It should be easy to determine which is more appropriate for the job. Listen to their thoughts and don’t be upset if they want to change your ideas around slightly. They might think the location is wrong or feel you want too many appliances. They have the knowledge and experience of this work. So discuss your needs and wants until you agree on an outcome. They can then get started on the designs and plans to start the build as soon as possible.

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Bring the indoors out

Your outdoor kitchen should be an extension of your home. So don’t be afraid to bring the indoors outside. Choose comfortable but durable chairs that are suitable for outdoor use. Also, consider dining tables, bar stools, and sofas if you have sufficient space. Dress these items with table cloths, vases, and pillows to make them look more inviting. This will make your outdoor kitchen the perfect relaxation zone or a place for entertaining. Spotlights, under-cabinet lighting or lamps can also set a tone and allows you to use your kitchen after dark. Don’t forget about your kitchen tops either. You can add candles, potted herbs or fruit baskets to bring more interest and color to the area. Whatever you decide, always make sure a natural flow is created between the inside of your home and the outside.  Again, look back at your scrapbook of inspirational ideas to see what others have done to dress their outdoor kitchens.

Once it’s been completed, you’ll want to spend more time outside cooking your family’s favorite meals. It’s a beautiful space where you can relax, dine and have fun together throughout the year. While also creating the ideal venue for birthday parties and celebrations. There are so many uses for it that you will wonder why it took so long for you to get one. So follow these steps and create a dream outdoor kitchen for your backyard today!