When you want to change the appearance of your home, intelligently placed new pieces of furniture can have a much bigger impact than changing the colors of the walls or even getting rid of some of them. When it comes to interior design, people don’t usually pay too much attention, because how hard is it to choose a coffee table? But if you ask the advice of a specialist or buy quality designer furniture, you may never feel the need to change something in your home again. Over the time, creative furniture designers have created incredible pieces that provoke the human imagination and astonish the beholder. Just the way we need fashion designers, in the same manner we need interior designers that can offer a new perspective on a living room and transform an ordinary kitchen into a gastronomical wonder. If you’re into designer furniture, you should definitely check this out, and then read our list of the most famous furniture designers, whose designs keep surprising the audience.

Emilio Nani

Emilio Nani was born in Brazzano, Italy, in 1955 and he is a complete artist. He’s a painter, architect, interior and furniture designer but also at an industrial level. He graduated from architecture at the University of Florence, where he also taught several years. In 1986 he opened “Studio Nann”” and has worked with big names in the interior design industry such as “Atelier”, “Cabas” Hoffman, Tonelli and Zanotta. He is a designer with numerous awards and an appreciated painter, whose works were displayed in many public places and private art galleries as well.


Ennio Arosio

Ennio Arosio was associated with interior design since the 70s. Interested in both the theoretical and practical part of this are, Arosio said at one point that he taught design is everywhere, in a a rock, a painting, a smile, a sound. The duty of a designer is to be aware of these details and interpret them. His works have surpassed cultural and geographic boundaries, allowing him to combine the pragmatism of the Western with the sensitivity specificity to the Orient. Known for his attention to detail, Ennio Arosio has become a valued and known consultant for several furniture companies.

Adriana Hoyos

Adriana Hoyos is a leading international designer with a complete and impressive portfolio. She is a pioneer through her unique style, presented both in terms of interior design as well as in her collections of furniture. The Latin American roots influenced her work, but her voyages around the world and having contact with various trends, lifestyle and international culture have given her a universal perspective in furniture design.

Emanuele Zener

Emanuele Zener is probably most famous for the “Palco Swiveling Plasma TV Unit”, a truly remarkable example of a modern furniture piece. Designed to have a dual function, the plasma unit made by Zener conquers through line, shape and design. Creating spaces for storing various items, from books, letters to papers is just one of the practical ideas that stand proof for Zener’s genius.

Claudio Dondoli and Marco Pocci

Claudio Dondoli and Marco Pocci POCC met in Florence. In 1983 the two established a design studio specializing in industrial design and architectural projects. The two believed that true innovation comes from the use of technology and quality materials. However, technology should not be used to create an image but to provide the customer with a service, a well developed product, which needs to be beautiful, efficient and comfortable.

Of course, there are many more important interiors designers, but, unfortunately, this list could only include the ones mentioned above. It’s something you need in your living room all the time and can really bring a room together. Have you guessed yet?