The kitchen is the most lived in room in the house ever. place to relax and especially sharing that brings together the entire family especially during meals, must also be, like the rest of the house, a refined setting in which nothing is left to the case. In addition to the cabinets, the sofa and the furniture needed (such as a table and chairs ), you must choose the same attention also other furnishings , often overlooked. The curtains are part of most of the times of the array of elements underestimated and considered to be of secondary importance. In fact, if well harmonized with the style of the house is the kitchen, a touch of personality to the environment , making it unique and cozy at the same time. Here then are some practical tips that will allow you to understand how to choose curtains that best meet your needs.

We must first consider the space you have available and the size of the frames. In fact, in case the room is small enough you can not mount large panels of fabric which might restrict and suffocate even more a wall already not very wide. The solution then is to opt for curtains from the window to be fixed directly to glass, using the special sticks spring-holder tent. Practices to fit and functional at the same time, will be sufficient to give a touch of color while protecting the kitchen from prying eyes.


One of the proposals currently in vogue is to opt for the panels, curtains straight and have the huge advantage of not further reduce an already limited space. The panels are lately more and more appreciated and popular because they are very practical and easy to prepare. Being available in many variations of colors and fabrics allow you to create special ambience and unique. If also fitted with a double fabric have the dual function of reducing transparency and simultaneously create plays of light to great effect.

In addition to the type, we must then evaluate the fabrics and colors to suit the style of cuisine. Solid wood furniture and wall units, which create an environment , country curtains require that you abbinino rustic atmosphere. In this case you can choose fabrics in shades of very hot, such as red and purple, or opt for more sober colors, such as white, beige and yellow, brightened by playful fantasies. Yes even the checked fabrics and textured two-tone tartan. Very highly recommended system is the double curtains, can be mounted on special rails or wooden stick.

For a classic kitchen that needs a touch of chic curtains Provencal prove the ideal choice. Actual furnishings are often made ​​with natural fibers such as linen and cotton. They are available in many models and colors, but the valances and packages are among the best-selling types. If, as in this case, should be used to “dress up” a sober, you should not choose too bright colors and fabrics with micro-patterns (with small flowers for example) or finished with hand embroidery. Combined with the table cloth or the cushions for the chairs will make your kitchen a place of great taste.

Do not neglect a last factor, often overlooked but extremely important. The kitchen is the place where strong odors, arising from the preparation of food, are the masters. Fried, smoke and grease flourish even on the curtains, so it is crucial to opt for textiles and fabrics light and easily washable at home. Curtains practices and simple mounting systems allow you to provide easily for cleaning and routine maintenance.