Nothing can make your home look more modern and better reflect your personal style than a home renovation, and any complete renovation naturally includes attention to detail. Adding custom-made furnishings, like cabinets, to your home can make all the difference in a home or kitchen renovation. Replacing your old, worn or outdated cabinets with new ones will give your home a whole new look – one that best represents your own personal sense of style. Getting custom cabinets made for your house is well worth the small extra cost; having a home whose furnishings specifically fit your taste, lifestyle and possessions is, after all, priceless. Not to mention the convenience factor: with custom cabinets, you can be sure that everything in your kitchen, bathroom or home is where it belongs, stored in a logical manner that helps you feel more organized and in control. Items can be stored attractively and neatly exactly where you need them.


Tools, cooking utensils, supplies, and food items can all be stored in the locations you find most convenient. The different configurations of these kinds of cabinets can include kitchen islands, cupboards and/or shelves lining the walls, or even pullout tables, ironing boards, wine racks, glass doors, or other accessories. There are all kinds of materials available, from melamine to birch veneer, among other materials and finishes. Having a wide choice of handles on the doors and drawers can help you make your new cabinets attractive, easy to open and close, and easy to clean.

Imagine cooking in a kitchen with fresh new cupboards, where the dishes you use most are stored where you can easily reach them, where pots and pans are all close by so you can grab what you need as you make the meal. Where the food supplies are logically laid out, and not just stored where they will fit. A kitchen where there is enough counter and storage space, and you don’t have to keep moving things around to make room enough to accomplish your cooking tasks. Tailor-made kitchen cabinets can help make your dream kitchen a reality.

Custom cabinetry from highly experienced master craftspeople (like the ones at Cameo Kitchens, for example – a great example of well-regarded local Toronto custom cabinetmakers) is one of the best ways to make your home fit your style, and not the other way around. No longer will you find yourself trying to adjust to some generic home cabinet design that isn’t really what you need or want, just because it’s what’s available to you. Instead, your home will fit your tastes exactly.

The bathroom is another ideal room for custom cabinets. Bathrooms are often small, and stock cabinets don’t work out well. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a bathroom to be proud of, where towels are close at hand, toiletries have their place, instead of cluttering up the counter, medicines can be properly stored, and mirrors are located where they are more functional. These dreams can come true when you work with a professional cabinet maker who can help you design rooms that really work for you, using top quality cabinetry designed specifically for your needs and your home.