A child’s room is not a piece quite like another. Colors, budgets, practicality here is how to decorate without a hitch.

All parents want to offer their loulous a universe of their own, with an enchanting wonderland. A good opportunity to relive some of their childhood. So we start?

Combine business with pleasure

The first question to ask is “what it would really enjoy?”. Needless to choose the theme of the dance if your youngest is keen on basketball! The universe you choose should reflect the personality and passions of your kids (not yours!). Also think about practicality. Children grow fast, their tastes change. And their needs also. A 3 year old does not need as much storage a “great” 6-7 years! In primary office and workspace are fast becoming necessities. Later, around 10-12 years, they love to receive! You can provide an extra sleeping space or a “discussion”. Some manufacturers offer specialized modular furniture. This may be the ideal option if your child is between two ages. A bed that is growing, overlapping boxes, shelves that add, all tricks that can adapt to changing cost of children.


Knight or princess?

In recent years, designers have vied imagination to offer just about everything you could want in terms of decoration for children’s rooms. With a budget, you can transform any ordinary space into an a priori of the most enchanting place, worthy of a tale from Arabian Nights. Caution, however, the total look has its limits.

A deco completely focused on a hero or heroine comic’s latest cartoon fashion weary perhaps your child, the more quickly that children like to change their referral! Some ages are also hinges. Your child is going on 10 years? Be careful! Soon his tastes much resemble those of adolescents. To reduce the risk it you can create a world without specific reference (farewell Spiderman and Barbie) but wider. The adventurous side of your son will end up in shades of paint (green, khaki, blue), materials stuck on the wall (why not ropes, nets), furniture materials (raw wood, for example). The magic of your little one will decline in pastels, soft keys (bedding, carpets, lights), in painted furniture, curtains worked. Feel free to let yourself be guided by your imagination, make use and abuse of decorative accessories: stickers, stencils, canopies.