In the field of decoration, you can choose to arrange one or more styles in one piece. Best, no matter the choice of style, is to stay in the inspiration of this style so as not to overload the space of decorative themes too. Here is an overview of common styles, right now, most likely: The country-style The best known! Associated primarily with traditional style, country style home rustic furniture (antiques) and raw materials (field stone, slate, wood not varnished or painted). The floral and plaid, quilts, lace, embroidery and natural fabrics (cotton, linen, etc) Go well together. You can also accent the walls of wallpaper, stencils or give aging effects. Result: a warm and reassuring atmosphere, a mixture of delicacy and strength.

The contemporary decor This style means the “current” (which means exactly contemporary). But it also means the art of mixing the decorative elements, the contemporary style is inspired by many others. Straight or curved lines in furniture, “sectional sofa” (or modules or versatile) is in the spotlight! Note curtain panels by way of rights window dressing, the patterns (stripes and geometric shapes) tonal or colorful (but often focus), carpets (rugs) to generous motives influenced the 1960s, the lamps lampshade large sizes, stainless steel (in decorative accessories and tables) and exotic hardwoods as flooring. The colors of the walls are often very bright or discrete, depending on the desired effect: the contrast is essential. To complete the decor, plants and flowers (Yucca, calla lilies) provide simplicity.


Zen style This style is inspired by nature and the Orient. Indeed, there are natural sources of materials (bamboo, rattan, stone, slate, rice paper, etc) And light colors (creamy white, leaf green, blue ocean). Darker colors are used instead focus (brown walnut, dark gray). The sweetness and tranquility are paramount. Simplicity joins the furniture (often wood or exotic plants) and the objects whose lines are clean (baskets, candles, plates, plate, etc). Plants (natural or artificial) are also very important in this style.

Fabrics are often plain or patterned light (flowers, stripes or other). They are made ​​of silk, cotton, linen with patterns matching tones, textured. Style suggesting a reflection and meditation (for the fans of Feng Shui!). NB Be aware that if they want to use decorative elements typical of a particular style, and at 100% in the new part, it can be done. However, it will cost probably 10 to 15 times more expensive than if we remained in accessories influential style. team Decorate your life.