Are you going to change the furniture and / or disposal of the same in a room of your own home but do not have the courage because there is difficult to imagine furnished differently? A good remedy to this problem is certainly to try to Decor for the home concerned with the use of a 3d program, which will give you the chance to carry out various tests to find the right solution to your needs. below, the functionality of some of these software, download some others to use via internet, but free and equally effective. You will see that with a little ‘patience and a bit’ of time to learn the operation of these programs, you will be able to clear his head.

Software to download.

Surely Sweet Home 3D is a program best known and perhaps, in some respects, the best and complete: available for all major operating systems, allows you to draw a floor plan of the various rooms and furnish them simply. The program has provided libraries with many items such as furniture, appliances, etc. ensuring the possibility to view the 3D image at any time. A ‘is another very comprehensive program Envisioneer Express. Are present on site and a free basic version 4 versions, much more complete, fee: it is absolutely fantastic even in free, but to download it you need to fill out a questionnaire where you have to enter your data. But if you are a geek, you can find it easily in the internet .


Software on the Internet.

If you prefer to try Decor for the home in 3D for free with no installation on your PC, a good site and to My Deco definitely a great online service with equal capabilities of Sweet Home 3D. And ‘in fact very complete, has at its disposal a lot of modules of furniture and 3D is the result of excellent quality .

If you are fond of the furniture of famous Swedish company Ikea (far be it from me to advertise: I note this opportunity only because many young boys , to save money and decorate the house during this time of crisis, they rely mainly on this brand) it provides a valuable service that will allow you to furnish your home with the furniture in production is called Ikea Home Planner 3D program as a whole and is a simple,