Available in limited designs, hot tubs outdoors are usually made of an outer shell of plastic or wood, which does not compliment your current landscaping. If you want to improve the look of yours, however, you can incorporate design elements that help soften your look and complement the overall look of your garden.

There are a variety of elements that can be used to decorate a spa tub, and most of them are available in local store supplies for the home and garden. If you using 4 people hot tub you must know that ” how many gallons of water in the hot tub? ” That could heavily depend on the total capacity of the tub, and on how full you fill it.

decorate a hot tub


1. Plant trees around your Jacuzzi. This will help to mix in the natural environment of your landscape and hide it from view. Experiment with a variety of evergreen trees, bonsai and bamboo see what works best to complement the look of your garden.

2. Place a stone patio around the hot tub, and chairs and tables on it. This will help make the area more relaxing and welcoming, and you have a solid, clean surface for stepping out of the bathtub.

3. Builds a gazebo over your hot tub. This will add charm and become a centerpiece of your garden. A gazebo also allows you to use the tub under the weather, so you can enjoy this more often.

4. Install a fence around your hot tub. This will hide the view and give you privacy while you are using it. It can also be a safety feature, as it will make it more difficult for young children to access it when you’re with them.

5. Install the hot tub in the land and build a deck to cover it. This completely hidden and the form will be buried permanently in the ground.