The helmet shell has a thousand utilities in decoration, also can be exploited to plant a seedling, but has a method to consider.

The protection of the snail is widely used to make decorations and crafts, lucky you can find empty, without killing the animal. There are different species, colors and dimensions. Usually in most houses are decorated with the same objects. The idea is to do something more natural and show them how to plant a seedling in the hull, and how beautiful it is to decorate, gift, or simply surprise a special occasion, and most important to be able to keep the house before it is destroyed by the passage of time.


# One or more helmet shell, the amount depends performed.
# Type small plants or climbing vine .
# Land
# A small nail or drill.
# Fine wire and drive 40 or 50 cm. you can bend.
# Varnish to add shine and protect.
# A Balloon, glass jar, a transparent tube or a plastic bottle.


What to do first?

# First you wash and dry, then make three or four holes in the hull, on the side that is supposed to be the basis, if done with a drill, the wick has to be very thin and also work very slowly because you can go. If using a nail should be taken with a caliper and do moves back and forth slowly. The holes are used for the flow of water when watering the little plant, but also to root out to the outside and can develop.
# Varnishing the hull and wait to dry, it is important to provide durability and protect it from moisture.
# Put a little inland from the shell because it is often called commonly, and then proceed to introduce the little plant, complete with soil to the surface.
# Take the wire and fold in both ends, one to put it inside the shell which must be suspended in this way and not fall, and the other end is bent to hang if desired.
# Put 5 cm. of land within the Bolton or bottle.
# Placing the snail with the little plant on earth.
# Water immediately, and then it every two or three days.

They must wait several months until the plant sprout and be strong to remove the snail from the protection of glass and stopping.

Plants ideal for planting in a snail

The ideals are all climbing plants like ivy, which gives originality to see them in the shell of a snail, because it can mess up using the proper wire or thread, but require light and care. There are some species that only planting a plant leaf is obtained. The prickly pear cactus or are a good idea to decorate and plant in the hull of a snail, do not require much water or protection glass or plastic.

It is easy to do without spending money

This work takes little preparation time, if a gift would be appropriate to begin earlier, at least a year before, to make way for the plant to pledge and be sure not to dry. A climbing plant is very beautiful, therefore it must be given time to grow to make it look more appealing.

Tip to decorate the interior of the house

Having a fish tank is empty without a penalty, can be leveraged to make a beautiful decoration. To do so requires creativity, and have many planted seedlings in the houses of snails, so this suggestion may open the inspiration for other ideas based on it. Cover the bottom of the tank with soil, put colored stones as decorative and embossed, trying to see the earth as possible. Then put the snails between the stones. Watering plants wisely avoiding to wet the soil water storage at the bottom of the tank. To keep the moisture is sufficient. Also be done with different cactus , in this case not to land in the tank, because this species does not require much moisture, sand is more original and is adaptable to any kind of prickly.

To account for

This idea of ​​decoration is based to take advantage of empty shells found in nature, indicating not to kill snails, but are classified as pests and predators of gardens and villas.