Decorating the bedroom with bamboo furniture and a thing not very common, more common in country houses or holiday homes, which are located in the vicinity of the lakes . Bamboo is very durable and makes rooms to bed very romantic. Let’s see, how to decorate the bedroom with bamboo furnishings, creating a warm and evocative .

The main choice will be the one of the beds and the cabinet that will be matched by choosing the model that is well associated with each other. The bamboo beds are often the very headboards worked with large bamboo poles that frame, and plots made ​​of thinner bamboo or rattan that fill the frame of the headboard and the bed board. Other times the barrels used are very large and bead structures, making them very strong and aesthetic. The availability of such furniture is not very easy, since their use, modern furnishing is limited. In fact, they are eco-friendly furniture that respects the environment, not treated and easy to manufacture.


The ethnic flavor that gives off these pieces of furniture and this type of furniture, carpets suggests to combine it with zebra patterns, leopard or animal or otherwise, coir mats, wooden bowls, lamps made ​​of rice paper or painted leather, leather ottoman ethnic, and other furnishings that reflect this style, creating an environment harmonious and hot content vaguely rural. A world that comes from the savannah and forests, where the accessories as well as furniture, give it a touch of calm simplicity, a return to origins that are also traces in furnishing their homes.

In relation to your taste and living needs, you can opt for large headboards headboards or simple minimalist style. In the same way, you can choose to take the small built-in two or three panels, or focus on traditional structures such as dimensions, characterized by the classic wardrobe with four or six doors, according to a structure entirely made ​​of bamboo. As regards the cabinets, the outer covering panels of the doors can be made ​​with small rods or alternatively with or rattan cane.