Very nice idea and creative during the Christmas holidays, you decorate the children’s room ; it is also a way to stay with their children and create a joyful atmosphere waiting for December 25. Many decorations and accessories they can be found in specialty stores, but also to obtain them and create them with the DIY at home, always following the preferences of children. In this content we see How to decorate the children’s room at Christmas.

We start from the part that connects the room with the rest of the house and that the door. Diamondback with a garland made ​​of wool, polystyrene and felt; we use a Styrofoam ball of medium size, sprinkle with beige wool . Let us use now felt blue and red, and with the aid of scissors, we form of stars or circles or at least some nice geometric form and apply on wool with a bit of glue. Finally, let’s give them a touch of glamor, spraying the gold paint with glitter, to increase the brightness. Alternatively geometric forms, we can paste various Christmas figures.

how to decorate

In the wall of the room, should not miss the advent calendar, which marks the days until Christmas; nice idea is the calendar created on a hanger for clothes, serving us of colored papers, we create the boxes where we insert inside some sweets or some funny phrases of the day. We then use colored ribbons to create a bow above each packet, and tie it to the hanger, which can be easily hung on a wall.

On the windows can not miss the decorations; then serving us of card stock colored, we can cut out many forms funny and attach with the adhesive tape on the windows. We can embellish the windows, with colored lights, placed in the perimeter. In the market, there are numerous lights intermittently accompanied by nice Christmas songs.

Finally, we can recreate the room a nice snow effect that the children really like. Using the fishing line, which is usually quite transparent, we cut at least 20 long pieces about 50 centimeters. On each of them, we insert a needle and let’s go inside small pieces of polystyrene, preferably round in shape. Insert for each wire, about 5 or 6 pieces of polystyrene. Now, with the help of a scale, the pieces attach to the ceiling of fishing lines, using adhesive tape to white paper, so as to camouflage it with the ceiling. Attacked all the wires, in no particular order on the ceiling, the snow effect is created. Good job.