There is a time of year that we feel the need to express our creativity in every act we perform, even in the way of setting the table. This period is Christmas, surely the best party of the year. The ideas from which to take inspiration are very numerous, let’s see some together to better understand how to decorate the Christmas table runners .

Let’s start with a very simple idea, but at the same time elegant. To achieve it we spread a white tablecloth on the table, the measures must be abundant in a manner that falls at least twenty inches from the edge. The dishes must be very simple with little gaudy decorations. Crystal glasses goblet-shaped, possibly with the big glass and worked. Along the table as decoration, we place equal three dishes belonging to the same service used to set the table above we lean red flowers with wide petals. In the center of each flower arrangement, we place a candle with a long stem and thin, the color is either white, red or gold. At lunch time we will light the candles to create the classic Christmas atmosphere.


The second idea instead starring the gold color. Let’s start with the tablecloth, which will have abundant measures, so as to overhang of about 25 inches from the edge, largely hiding the wood of the table. The color can vary from ivory to dark brown or very light ecru, with all these shades stand out better golden elements we are going to use giving a warm glow to the environment. To bring out the dishes, use of mats, beautiful large golden chalice-shaped glasses from the glass and worked great. As we take two door decoration fruit oval, very simple without any special processing. We lay on them a mix of dried fruit, or fresh, or if we prefer floral and musk. At the core of everything we put a small candle, this golden, possibly you switch on just before we sit down to lunch. Let to one end of the board opposite to one another.

The latest idea is instead based on fresh decorative elements, let’s see how to achieve it. Instead of the classic tablecloth, place mats, we use cotton plan, to bring out the best whole decoration, we can use tartan with a clear reference to the color red. Wood Place mats dark, flat equal white, while the background in the English style. The goblets, glass and worked great. The white cotton napkins folded on themselves and closed the door with a towel where we previously applied with a dot of hot glue, a small sprig of cypress. As a table centerpiece instead we use a rectangular container is not too wide, made ​​of wood. Fill it with expanded clay filling it to the brim, settle within sprigs fresh cypress, pine and fir. Further decorate with sprigs of red berries, pine cone and a few long-stemmed white candles that will light at lunch time .