Decorating and giving an aesthetic sense to places where natural light does not enter can represent a great challenge. Sometimes it is impossible to remodel, put skylights and enlarge windows. It would be advisable to incorporate artificial lighting, which turns the dark corners into luminous points of visual interest. Use clear paints: The first thing you should avoid is to paint with dark and opaque colors that accentuate the dark aspect of the space. The light and warm tones stand out with artificial light.

decorate the dark corners of the house

Suitable lamps: To illuminate a dark corner are recommended transparent or metallic. They are some very striking lamps and provide light in the right place. The reflector lamps are ideal to provide a touch of serenity and relaxation to the environment.

Light furniture: If you can place a piece of furniture in those corners. It is advisable that they be light colors. It is also not good to overload the place. So you should choose very well the size of the furniture. If it is too large, it will not achieve the desired effect.

Place pictures: If the corner is at the bottom of an interior corridor and is very narrow. It is a good idea to decorate it with paintings of modern themes and bright colors, illuminate it with a lamp similar to those used in museums. Indirect light specifically illuminates the work if you have a sculpture. You can place it by making a living inside the back wall. It will be an elegant and distinguished space.

Candles: They are a resource widely used to decorate dark corners. You can place chandeliers of different sizes that make a harmonious whole.

Mirror furniture: There are models of different sizes and styles. They are excellent for lighting corners and decorating bringing style and glamour to the interior. Mirror-finished furniture can be adapted to all bedroom, hall, and sitting areas. They allow adding light and decorating an environment with furniture without resorting directly to the mirrors. That way you can renovate an old piece of furniture. That continues to make it functional and at the same time reflect light and clear dark corners of a room.

The alternatives are many, what you have to take into account is the size of the place you want to decorate and illuminate. Remember do not overload the environment and stay true to your style.