If you like, plants and the garden is your favorite corner you’re in luck. The next months are the best of the year to enjoy the outdoors, plants and good times outdoors. Today we are going to explain systematically how a decorative border of wood is made to decorate a bed in the garden. Of all the tasks of the home surely the most rewarding are those of caring for the garden. All jobs are done better and more lively when they are outdoors.

delimit a bed in the garden

Like this limit for a bed in the garden that is made very easily with wooden stakes. Therefore, you do not get lost in the process, we tell you the DIY project systematically. It is so simple and so pleasant to do, that it will not cost you anything of work to get to work.

A wooden border to delimit a bed in the garden

It is important that the gardens be well structured, especially if they are small and space is not abundant. In general, landscaping is responsible for arranging and distributing the space in a garden. However, if your garden is small, you can establish the same areas yourself according to your own criteria. Then the key is to delineate the different areas the grass area a bed in the garden the living or eating area, the points where you are going to put plants, shrubs or hedges, etc.

Today, for example, we are going to discover how we can make a wooden border to delimit an area to plant flowers. To do this, we will use stakes of wood placed creating a line that limits the space of the bed. This same idea can serve to delimit in addition to any bed some zone of the trails in the garden or the way of entrance to the house.

What do you need?

This work is simple but also very decorative. To carry it out you will need wooden stakes of rectangular section. The amount will depend on how long you need to make the edge. You will also need special clear matt lacquer for exterior. Look for a sack of gravel to reinforce the floor, before placing the wooden stakes. As for the tools, get a jigsaw, a spray gun (or a brush in its default), a garden shovel and a small paddle. With these things, you can realize the delimiter of a bed in the garden without problems.

The first thing that you have to do is to saw the wooden stakes that will compose the border of the bed. It is important that you hold the stake securely to a stable stand or bench so that it does not move and you can make the perfect cut. Cut as many stakes as you need to surround the bed, or to edge the path, etc. I think it is better to cut the pieces of wood with different lengths so that the result is more decorative and dynamic.

Good protection essential

The next step is to varnish the wooden stakes with a weather-resistant matt varnish. This will make the edge of your bed more resistant to atmospheric agents. You can use a spray gun as we are proposed from Bosch. You will do the job comfortably and it will take less. But if you do not have it, you can also apply the varnish with a flat brush. Let the wood pieces dry at the time recommended by the manufacturer.

You can take advantage of the time it takes the cuttings to dry after applying the varnish to prepare the ground before bounding the bed. For this, you will have to take the shovel and dig a ditch in the place where you want to place the wooden stakes