Are you going approaching date decorate for Halloween and still left ideas? Look at these pictures because insurance will serve to create a terrific atmosphere at home for your guests. Looking ahead to the near yearned holidays touches put to work to decorate for Halloween.

Tips for creating terrifying environments

We give concrete examples to inspire you with some tips to create terrifying environments at home In addition, without spending almost anything! If you meet all these tricks at home, your guests will surely fear on more than one occasion.


Dim light

Glimmer is one of the most important elements to create environments. Think of all scary movies you have seen. Are there any that is rolling in broad daylight? Alternatively, is always cloudy, raining and it is night? So forget about having the lights on. Opt for candles to light the whole house. Just remember that while you are in the room not light any candles because it could burn any adornment. It is preferable to spend a little more and buy artificial candles. If you still see too much, you can choose to change the bulbs from home for more dark or light.

A scare at every corner

No mercy and fear hides a surprise around every corner. Curtains can also be a good place to hide surprises hovering like a leg, a hand or a shadow drawn with cardboard behind. Rope Give your imagination and make your guests shout of fear every now!

Ghostly music

Again, we throw a question about scary movies. That increases the volume of the background music! Is shown that the sound is able to create terrifying atmosphere by 80% and that is what really makes us the willies, not so much the image we see. In fact, we challenge you to prove it.. What you are changing things? In addition, sometimes decorate for Halloween also includes intangible elements like music.

There are plenty of lists on spottily that last for hours and hours so you do not have to worry about changing song goes except if you are not premium you run the risk of sounding advertisements and cut the atmosphere at once. Otherwise, you can customize your CD and do it yourself with soundtracks scariest give you the exorcist, Freddy Krueger’s nanny.

Cover furniture with sheets:

Sometimes decorate for Halloween house is no easy task since most of ornaments furniture and pictures obtrusive. Therefore, the solution to cover the furniture with white sheets is not only a practical but very aesthetic appeal. No one will know what is underneath. You can create strange shapes with visually cheat sheets or creating forms of coffins or cemetery.

Dry leaves on the ground

We have said that the sound plays a fundamental role in creating environments fear. It is spread dry autumn leaves on the ground. So, as you walk, they gnash as they do in scary movies.

Terrifying shadows

Candles in pumpkins are less dangerous than if put on the table without protection. In addition, they offer us unimaginable possibilities when creating terrifying shadows. Using a box cutter or knife always with caution makes several cuts in the form of face. Make triangles for eyes and a mouth with crooked teeth in the mouth. Place a candle inside, Place it near a wall and see how a terrifying face reflected in it appears. Play with expressions of pumpkin with the distance to the wall and make terrifying shadows of different sizes.

Decorate for a Halloween haunted pumpkins

Pumpkins are one of the most emblematic symbols decorating for Halloween. So today some terrifying ideas with them we bring. We told you how to decorate the fireplace with pumpkins, but today go further and tell you more use you could give them.

Nothing complicated, just have to make some pumpkins of different sizes or buy some plastic. Today many very realistic can serve one year to another and thus save on Halloween decoration. It is important to have a little green cardboard, wire and silicone to make coquettish sheets for our pumpkins. Decorate for Halloween the painting will use it to make some decorations to our pumpkins. With silicone, draws a spiral along the pumpkins. Before it, dries, sprinkle gold glitter over and after a few minutes, shaking the gourd to fall excess and golden colored spirals stay.

The final change

Join them with elongated candles of different heights in antique chandeliers.  The older seem pumpkins and candles and candlesticks, the better. It will look more atmosphere. If you have caught the hang, make several pumpkins. You can place them on the stairs, in a window at the kitchen table or in the living room.

With these ideas to decorate your home for Halloween, this is the fun house and Halloween decorating your Halloween will be the scariest and admired. In addition, see preparing material that will give you many ideas that are more original these days as we gave us you a few days ago about how to decorate your home with spooky skeletons.