Decorating your room or living room by adding cushions is one of the easiest ways to transform a space. Changing the colors or patterns will achieve a change of style instantly and with guaranteed results. It is an ideal resource to break the balance of a monochromatic decoration, decorate seats, beds and give a new air to the rooms with a variety of textures and colors.

Decorate your home

Ideas to decorate with cushions

In the living room:  According to your measurements, you can add more or less cushions on your sofa. Remember that, to decorate, the odd numbers work much better. You can combine smooth cushions with prints to give a touch of the coolest to your living room. The conventional cushion measures for sofas are usually 50 x 50 and 60 x 60 centimeters. You can place cushions with relief, with textured fabrics or with a pattern that draws attention to add dynamism to the environment.

For the bed: For the bedroom, you can choose cushions that match the tones of the furniture and the walls in the room. If your bedding has deep colors, the cushions can be neutral tones to contrast. However, if your bedding is light colors, you can add them in a darker color or with prints to cause more impact and conquer with your decoration.

To decorate banks:  They are ideal for decorating and filling the blank space. If you have them placed as corners place the cushions only the corner and leave everything blank and in sight. They give a fun and colorful touch in the place where they are. Mix shapes: You can mix all shapes: classic, square, rectangular, elongated cushions, curl type or circular. Bet on a personal and very varied creation.

Children’s room:  Thanks to the decoration, you can turn a corner into a magical place for children. A little paint and the right cushions can transform a corner into a space that invites them to play and let the imagination fly. You can place in the bed several cushions with different shapes like a moon, a heart or a star. According to the theme is chosen by you or by the owner of the room. Adapting the cushions to the decoration will give volume, dynamism and a very original image for the bed of your little ones. The idea is to play with the imagination, interspersing textures and colors to create a new environment.