The home is the place where it is important to live well, not only with people, but also with the surrounding environment and the furniture design set. Of fundamental importance in respect of the harmony, you furnish your home with the light colors that fit well in any season of the year, even in the cold and harsh winter days that give a touch of joy and warmth. Let’s see what are the criteria to furnish your home with this type of color.

When you set the furniture in a totally home, you begin mainly by the colors of the walls to be white, and are perfectly suited to any type of design then set. This basic preparation of the walls and flooring also allows us then to follow very specific guidelines in order to position furniture, fabrics and objects with light colors and so vibrant.


Let’s start with the description of the furniture, which is set in a home environment with light colors must also be adjusted, so as to favor those are beige or light green, if it comes kitchens or dining room. The harmony of light and vibrant colors, it is also important to create a relaxing environment in the bedroom, so beyond furnishing fabrics such as those of the bed, the furniture is white lacquered top or light green, typical of the Florentine setting and Venetian. All the rooms of the house, especially the so-called points of light (windows and balconies) shall be furnished with curtains and cover tends. In this case, the use of light colors allows us to create the excellent matching between the two, with shades diametrically opposed, but always in theme; fact, if for example the awning is white in color, its protective cover must be beige, while if the first is on the greenish hue of a light blue or beige the same a bit ‘darker, is the right one.

Many people are reluctant to furnish the house with light colors, when the style is set in the ancient. However, this is not true, as there are special light colors in pastel shades like old rose and sky blue, which integrate perfectly into a type like that. Also for Regarding fabrics and furniture coverings, light colors are perfect for decorating so lively and harmonious home. An example is the choice of upholstery of sofas and armchairs or of their shells, which are available on the market in all colors also modern, with a graphic categorically clear type of computer that can turn any shade in the so-called “power”.