They have come back and it seems to stay. They may never have left. The pastel colors are not a trend of the present, but have been decorating the interiors of many houses for decades. Today resurgent thanks to its lightness and lightness. Decorate with pastel colors and enjoy a cheerful house full of light. The repertoire of pastel shades is broad and full of nuances. In addition, all these colors share a common feature they are cheerful, relaxing and fun.

Decorate your house

Transmit good vibes. If your spaces need light and joy, decorate your house with pastel colors and you will get it right. Another one of the most powerful reasons to choose the pastel colors for our house is in its versatility. These soft and delicate tones bring timelessness to the environments. They do not go out of style, but they are still in force and full of reason for a long time to come.

The pastel colors, perfect for summer

The chromatic repertoire of pastel colors is lively and fun. Maybe that is why they look great on spring-flavored decorations and indoors designed for the summer. They are cool colors, perfect for balancing summer environments. In addition, they are easy to combine with materials such as wood in its most natural finishes. You can use them to paint the walls. If you decide for this option, do not paint all the same walls to avoid a too unrealistic effect. Better, paint with only one wall and combine them with white in the rest. The result will be much more elegant.

Essential in Nordic houses

It may be because of its brightness, which increases considerably if blends with white. The fact is that the houses decorated in Nordic style show beautiful pastel shades in their interiors, whether on the walls, furniture or upholstery. They are also perfect in environments with a marked retro air. In these spaces, the pastel colors update the decoration. They maintain and underline the retro style, but updating it for the present time.

Perfect throughout the house

When we think of decorating with pastel colors, the mind goes unintentionally to romantic and feminine environments. Even to children’s rooms. Well, this does not have to be this way. Today the pastel colors can be used in any space of the house, including the living room or the kitchen. Dare to use them in common spaces, and not only in more private rooms like the bathroom the bedroom. It is true that this color range is perfect for those environments, but there are also films in other rooms.

If they seem too soft for your room, add some touch of intense and strong color. What do you think to incorporate cushions made of bright colored fabrics on the clear sofa? Choose complements in powerful tones. There are many ways to counteract the softness of pastel colors in an environment.

Bet on the rose

It is one of the most common pastel colors in decoration. In addition, it is that the rose has stopped being a secondary color to become an absolute protagonist of the decoration. It is perfect in the bathroom and in living spaces, as it conveys calm and relaxes.