Decorating the home can be expensive, especially if you intend to do with wooden furniture and particularly expensive. One of the richest areas of furniture and furnishings, however, is that because of the kitchen appliances, especially as multifunctional mini-refrigerator and a kitchen with an oven, often forces us to look for an alternative to the purchase of other furniture, having already spent enough and which are otherwise necessary for the storage and cooking of foods. Let us see how to decorate the kitchen while saving money.

A good way to save money decorating the kitchen, is to realize masonry; In fact, taking into account that it is a type made ​​of concrete blocks and the costs fairly low, the biggest expense is to buy both the hob that other appliances including refrigerator-freezer with built-in type, which certainly have lower costs than the compact models.


An alternative to the classic furniture so very expensive such as a kitchen, you can put a type that is ideal for rustic impression, so after building work and home appliances, the cost savings on the purchase of the wood. In fact, in the centers of DIY you can find the doors of all types of wooden and any model, is pre-finished, raw and customizable. The latter can in fact coloring with economic paints such as water, then without using toxic products. Spend a little for decorating the kitchen you can also regarding other furniture and furnishings of great utility , such as dressers, shelves and table.

For the former, you can buy wooden furniture such as economic rummy or fire that are durable and functional, and once colored to suit your taste with a rustic or rustic. The use of shelves, is ideal to not bring up the kitchen clearance, and at the same time are useful as shelves for pots and pans, dishes and bottles. The highlight of the point of view of saving, you can get it to the table, the price of which can really be far less than the standards if you are skilled in the art of DIY, realizing perhaps an elegant refectory table (with two side supports floor and a central rod), or a shelf in false marble that is of solid wood, covered with resin with the same grain of the natural product and support as 4 feet of metal.