The choice of materials with which to furnish and decorate our home is essential to determine the style of our interiors and to ensure maximum comfort. Let’s see how to decorate with natural wood according to the latest trends in interior design and to give a contemporary look to our home.

The natural wood is the best choice for those who want to decorate your home with elegance, perfect for a classic style for a more avant-garde. This material is particularly appreciated for its appearance, pleasant to the touch but also durable. The warm tones and veins convey a warm and relaxing atmosphere in any interior. The wooden furniture is an excellent investment and can buy more value over time if stored properly. Particularly interesting are the pairings between different materials, for example with metal, stone or glass. We choose furniture made from certified timber and not treated with toxic paints to limit toxic emissions, especially in enclosed areas.


We recommend using only dark woods on one or both sides of the environment, alternating with lighter walls or large windows to ensure proper brightness of the room. If we choose a wooden floor or a rough wooden floor is preferable to paint the walls white or neutral tones warm. It may be interesting juxtaposition of different elements, such as the parquet matched to a wall with stones. The stones can be artificially recreated on the wall with a natural effect.

The furniture and decorations in wood, perfectly fits in both the urban and the rural house loft. Choose the furniture line that best expresses the style of our house is still essential. In a contemporary apartment situate a few design elements that transform the raw surfaces of the wood in a trend object. A massive table but with minimal lines and perfectly adapted to the living room or study, combined with shelves simple and basic. Some details, such as a lamp or a metal centerpiece original tone will give a more metropolitan furnishings. For a more traditional environment or to the house in the country we can choose more elaborate forms, such as the carved legs and decorative finishes. A larger space allows us to experiment with using a larger number of furniture, such as tables and chairs, and matching fabrics and colorful details. Decorate with elements that recall the material, such as bundles of branches to be collected in the vessels, natural roots with unique forms and traditional antiques such as old lamps or vases vintage.