For those who love the decorations, the Christmas is a magical time to transform their home, making room for creativity . The railing of a staircase (made of wood, wrought iron, steel and many other materials) is an architectural element of the most beautiful of the house, that during the holidays can be enhanced by using simple measures of style. In this regard may be useful for small tips on how to decorate a railing for Christmas.

how to decorate a railing for christmas

First of all, we have to think of a particular theme. Then decide, based on our creativity, its combination of colors and the assembly of the decorations. We begin by measuring the length of the handrail and the height of the vertical upright, which will help us to purchase the right amount of illumination, festoons and elements decorative. A very nice solution is to use the shape of the handrail, enhancing it with a long festoon decked with garlands, pine cones and small red berries. We wrap one end around the base of the pillar and use a plastic clamp to fix the end. Let’s do a few laps at the garland around the vertical upright, to create volume and movement.

Try to arrange the decorations in a uniform way, highlighting the most interesting details. To hold firmly inserted elements, we can use small pieces of tape in invisible points of the handrail or the classic plastic ties . Giving space to our imagination you could use red ribbon satin or velvet, creating flakes or draping details, to be placed at the end points of the garland or joining parts of different elements. If it is to your liking, instead of the classic red ribbon, you could opt for a midnight blue or ivory white: the result will be outstanding.

We can do is finish the railing with the decorations and trinkets: those will be fine for the tree on Christmas. Let’s make them hang from the needles of garlands, alternating snow crystals, glittering balls and small candy canes. With the tape, appendices someone even to the underside of the handrail between the pillars. The different heights and slopes can be staggered, or you can choose to use the same length for a more uniform look. Finally, we can cut some sections of wire with wire cutters and, using tongs, we can wrap one end to the pretty pine cones, poinsettias, small red apples and golden berries. The various elements can be randomly distributed along the garland.