To make the original decorations and custom, which give color and a touch of liveliness to the environment of the kitchen, read the tips shown in the following guide. It only takes a bit of creativity, a dash of patience and free time to make the room more cheerful lived in the house and solar. By applying very simple techniques and accessible to everyone, you can decorate the walls and roof, while the recycled material can create objects to be placed on shelves or shelves for ornamental purposes .


To begin to decorate and beautify the environment of the kitchen, you need to choose a mask stencil with stylized designs, representing for example chickens. Of course you can also opt for abstract patterns or different subjects, depending on your taste, the style of the furniture and the final effect you want to achieve. Once you have decided on the type of pattern to be reproduced, proceed by setting the stencil to the wall. To do so it stays firm and keeps the exact position, stop the tape with paper tape and we have to learn that how to decorate a room .

At this point, begin painting the decorative motif, dabbing with a sponge color. Rub in gently painting the empty spaces between the stencil, avoiding smudges and drips. Once the step of applying the paint, wait for it to dry completely, then carefully remove the tape first and then the template guide. To complete the work and protect your painting from the vapors of typical wear and, given a coat of spray paint finish.

To make the atmosphere even more sun and fun and draw pictures of the decorations on the wall, made ​​of a metal sculpture to be exhibited. For example, if you have chosen a cock, get the silhouette of the bird. You can print a picture directly from the internet, so be certain to have distinct edges and well defined. Carefully cut out the pattern and time using glue, attach it to the sheet metal.