Valentine’s Day at home? Yes, but not as usual! Adapt your home and your mood to the occasion and surprise your better half!

An unforgettable evening in head-to-head, it’s ready! So for those who want to impress their lovers and create a romantic atmosphere at home, follow the guide! Felted obliges the Saint Valentine on use and abuse of candles, lanterns and chandeliers! The candle flame warms the atmosphere and produces a dim setting on.

Friendly ideas:

* Perform a ground path with lanterns and put rose petals in the middle.
* If you have a staircase, place small candles on each step.
* On the long overdo furniture wax pots in height.
* Candlesticks 3 or 5 branches are also their effect and illuminates wish.
* On the table, some candles high or floating candles (choose one or the other).
* Choose scented candles.


No romantic evening without a little effort on the table decoration!

The colors that we like:

* For a romantic, opt for a white tablecloth and pink tones, cream, beige. Obviously some flowers in the same colors.
* For an evening of cuddling, it looks warmer tones: red, burgundy and velvet. It adapts its table, Flowers and holding course.

Stylish ideas:

* A runner obviously
* Large wine glasses with a taffeta ribbon around the feet
* Cloth napkins with napkin rings (or the same tape as the feet of glass)

During the service:

* We treat the presentation of the plates and dishes
* A small piece of chewing, a dash of cream basilica at the edge of the plate and voila.

The Essentials:

* A small gift deposited in the towel
* Romantic messages hidden in the house
* Recipes adapted to the occasion: entrance gourmet spicy dish , dessert sensual

You’ll understand it must surprise and delight! But be careful not to overload your decoration. For attention by cons, you will never make enough, so do not hesitate!

Who says Valentine said late night spicy

Prepare in advance a nice room with a few candles here and there, some rose petals on the bed and why not on the ground. Do not forget to make a point with color bed sheets tailored to needs: light pink, red, beige, etc. For a mesmerizing ambiance, you can also flavor the sheets. Finally, for those who love pretty underwear , do not hesitate to take this evening to highlight her finery!