For original decor and economic, one option is to look in landfills where, in many cases are real treasures.

Many people think that the garbage is deposited only as useless. Unaware that the container-or off-you can find these valuable pieces in perfect condition, or to be restored or refurbished, depending on what you want.

The myth

Not necessarily, are beggars or people living in extreme poverty, looking things in the trash. Often do people truly knowledgeable and very tasteful. The beggar, or very poor, is a myth. They seek that help them survive, while others look for objects and furniture for a more aesthetic and comfortable habitat. Prevails in the first necessity. The latter are looking for beauty and originality to decorate a space.

Conventional and innovative

The ordinary is no risk when decorating your home. Opt for the usual or what the magazines and decorating books recommend. Shop at stores that impose furniture and objects, through aggressive advertising. This assures a decoration that will be accepted by almost everyone. They are individuals with no ideas of their own, which prevents them from daring to renew. Those who do have their own ideas, and innovative decorating low personal standards. To accept what it is set now, they do it their way, in a very particular version of what is fashionable. The result is an exquisite decoration, a place that will not go unnoticed because they are unique.


The art of recycling at its best

Decorate with furniture and objects from containers, garbage dumps, or any other place where there is what others discarded-is an act of recycling. Use rightly what is between waste is not easy and for that reason, it is an art. In a world that needs to be careful, recycling is an ecological fact that land appreciates.

Vintage and garage sale

In some countries such as Spain, it was difficult to establish the habit of using second-hand (used). At present, every day adds more people to the idea of ​​recycling, both in the decoration of their homes and in dress. There are shops , blogs and websites that sell so-called vintage or retro. Vintage is trendy . Details retro beautify. In much of America is a lot of people who come to the garage sale where there are wonders in all sorts of things used. In the United States and Venezuela, the garage sale are common.

A table made with a sign advertising

The table illustrating this article was designed to look a sign advertising black-bottomed glass, etched and gilded with the word shipping. To make a table was used chipboard painted (varnished) with lacquer enamel, satin black.

History of this label

The glass that looks this unique table is one-of-three who formed the label of the shipping agent of the Shipping Company Stinnes , Hamburg-Germany originally founded by Hugo Stinnes . This label- u-advertisement was in the basement of a building, located in the Plaza of Lugo of A Coruna in the early twentieth century. This company was engaged in transporting passengers and goods to South America. In their ships thousands of Galician emigrants traveled to distant lands.

It was found in the trash

The sign, complete, was discovered by a person who bought an apartment in the same building where he was the shipping company Stinnes. He was face down, between dirty junk, old mattresses and broken furniture left on the ground that such person acquired for rehabilitation as it was in very poor condition. Being, that person, interior designer, the result of the remodeling of the manufacturing floor and the table made with his own hands, was extraordinary. That was in the early eighties.

Culture and taste

The ugly can not be transformed into beautiful if there is no taste. Born with it or acquired in the home-or off-to surround yourself with the best from the art in all its many expressions. Culture and taste are closely linked.

Decorative jewel garbage

The visits to antique shops and museums, sharpen the eye to detect, rubble and dirt, a real treasure, after having been discarded, it becomes a decorative gem. It also helps to read books on antiques and vintage. The truth is that you can get a great result to decorate with objects and furniture found in the trash.