The picture conveys a house is not doing work or spend much money, but that combined with good taste of what is already available previously.

Anyone can decorate with class and elegance to your home by following some basic rules that combine elements already available as: furniture, painting walls , carpets, paintings and fabrics, if what is sought is not only receive the highest praise, but enjoy of aesthetics. To convert the house into a home with style, rather than in a space that has deposited a large furniture store, it does not take a handyman, just follow some basic guidelines.

Gather same color furniture in the house

Whether you count antique mahogany furniture or simple agglomerate , the important thing is to combine in the same range of colors, as it is very difficult to get an elegant decor if they join in the same room furniture pine color and color white, for example. The logical thing is to follow a pattern of colorful Similarly, something like: living room with dark brown furniture (wenge or mahogany), children’s bedroom with white furniture (lacquered or painted by yourself), and master bedroom with beige furniture (pine or Wicker).


Furnishing styles with logic and role

Although fusing different styles of furniture can be very original, should always be respected ensembles. Thus, placing a collection Thonet in a prominent area will add value, but spread it, mixing with the dining chairs made ​​of particleboard, the table with Queen Anne armchairs, and a sitting area with a marble table, the poorer completely. Nor should it be located a sideboard in a hall where you only see in passing, if the piece of the house. They enjoy double and dazzle more visitors, in the lounge. As for the dining room, despite being less time the furniture is used daily (or almost never, if you choose to eat in the kitchen ), in many homes is located next to a window, to the detriment of the sofa. Logically, table and chairs should be placed in the area with less natural light, so that during the time of rest, much longer than the food you can enjoy more light and exterior views.

Ornate decoration, practical or stylish

There is nothing less attractive than a house that is not free a single corner, and decorative objects truly lost prominence because of expendable accessories. Also, when cleaning do not like Feng Shui decor, than having to relocate endless ornaments. A simple console with a vase and a beautiful picture on it, located in a corner, stand out much more than the same area crammed with furniture, lace, figures or cushions. And if the problem is, that throughout life the house is welcoming all kinds of objects from gifts or family heirlooms, the least appeal can be donated to charities that will take advantage. For the same reason it is advisable to make gifts for home, for there to assume that the receiver has the same taste that one.

Discrete fabrics, the real stars

In principle, it is easier if tastefully decorate textiles of a room, which can be a very good price at markets, are discrete colors and small prints, if you are greatly exaggerated. Basic also combine in the same range between the various components of furniture. Thus, a couch with a brown and yellow pattern will be great with curtains , walls, cushions and rugs in a range from beige to brown, to ocher or with a slight pale golden touch. And, the fabrics are so bailed, that if a table surface has deteriorated, but the legs are still pretty, can be renewed with just completely cover it with a good fabric and a glass top. Similarly, the doors of a wardrobe can be renewed adhering a fabric, either with special glue well with double sided tape. Similarly, use of good quality plastic chintz for the shower curtain to make a skirt to the bathroom, improved dramatically quarter of bathroom passe.

The pictures and paintings, not everywhere

Tables should be placed or grouped by theme, with frames that form a pattern identical to each other (rectangle, triangle), either individually or above a fireplace or in a particular area bounded on the wall. Also, to extend the stay and to highlight their own, should leave an entire wall-space or a large one-completely empty, since the tables spread throughout the room, no relation between them can remember a store frames or nails have taken advantage of the previous tenant after the move.

Another important aid if they are numerous and different, is to simulate its placement on the floor to see the effect before you hang them, and respect a straight top alignment. So there are no gaps between the different sizes are placed so that two small occupy the same space as a large one, for example. And unless you enjoy the friendship of a renowned painter, the paintings of friends should be relegated to discrete areas.