Pre-election Reflections of furniture

boy or girl? ¿Son single or shared room? Before choosing a type of furniture and fittings for the room, you must take into account all the demands made ​​decorating a child’s room. Pay close attention to ergonomics, very important so that the room can be both a real playground for children and a fluffy nest unimpeded. To help, here’s some important points to consider.

Think “long term”

Whatever the age of your child, you always have to think long term. A child’s room is a room that has to be adaptable without you having to re-buy everything when your child grows 10cm. That is why I recommend you choose a bed evolution: there are several types that stretch from 140 to 190 cm, approximately.
Ditto for furniture: remember to choose a comfortable exchanger, which may be readily and easily dismounting the changer . You can also customize it with stickers, fabric.

Be very aware of the recent safety

When choosing a material or a new piece of furniture, get always the following question: Is it accessible to my child today and it will be when measured 10 or 20 cm? When you recover a piece of furniture an antique shop or an attic, remember that a professional to fix it is safe.


Furniture that fits

If the six years before you are one who decides the style of the room from then your child will begin to have their tastes and desires. Choose so simple furnishings and neutral decor can be adapted to Nemo, Superman or Princess. For furniture, remember the pastel colors of hardwood such as oak or varnished intermediate prevents lacquered wood, which is too delicate and solid wood, which could injure the child. In addition, since the fashion is personalization, this allows you to make way for the creativity of children : stickers and boards over the doors of the dresser, closet and on the desktop.

Distinguish “sleeping area” and “playground”

You must take care that the action of lying is protected and where the child is well. Furthermore, it is preferable to distinguish between the playground and sleep, then later the desktop. It is also not recommended to put the bed height for children under six years.

Details where it is important to consider:

* Do not place a chair under a window, too tempting!
* Remember plug protectors for the device that hold the window.
* Care for the selection of lamps, asking sellers.
* Hold your furniture to the wall, the child may be willing to climb!

Choose style:

If you decide to buy a furniture solid and quite adaptable to different types of decoration, you can choose a theme for decorating the room, remembering the difficulties that you find when you decide that your offspring “The chicks are silly” and that the theme of the sea is right for your room.
Indispensable, customized room yourself and the children! We no longer escape the fashion of the stickers. You like to change them often with great ease, in contrast to repaint the furniture you require a Saturday afternoon!

Around the retro style. The atmosphere of “old room” of your child or your parent is very fashionable at the moment: old doll found in the attic or an antique shop, antique furniture, air and wooden toys are in high demand. This solution can give a romantic touch to the room, including moving and has the advantage of being very expensive. However, your child will ask you quickly switch to the “modern world” at home and you will have to think of this enchanting world.

What to do when we have two children in one room?

It’s about creating more spaces in the room for a girl bedroom pink, beige or blue for a boy, small huts fabric to invent different spaces. It promotes dialogue and understanding between them making them interact, as far as possible in the choice of decor to find a moment of understanding between them. Everything is to create a large space where everyone feels the expression of his personality.

Also, you should take time for the election of the furniture. Twice as clothing and toys, twin. This will force you to choose furniture folding or dual-use furniture. For example, two beds in point, if more than six years, with a play area is specific to each child, under every bed. Finally, when it comes to finishing touches, remember to decorate the space with decorative objects resistant, soft and, above all, do not you care too! When the child wakes, the tornado is near!