The furniture in the Hollywood style brings us back to the glamorous atmosphere of the sets film between the 30s and 50s: the era American designers have created environments rich and elegant customized for the celebrity of that period. Let’s see decorating a house in Hollywood style and make our luxurious rooms.

The Hollywood style is characterized by an eclectic style, combining together in a balanced fashion trends very different from neoclassical to modern, creating an elegant and refined. The color contrast is an essential feature of these interiors: a base composed of black and white or ivory and brown are used full of vibrant colors, such as red, yellow, orange and turquoise. All shiny surfaces and metal are perfect for this style, adding valuable details furnishings. We try to achieve maximum contrast by combining the elements in an appropriate manner, for example by placing a bright yellow chair in front of a dark wall. Use a lot of fantasies for both coatings for upholstery, recovering classical motifs, art deco , animal prints, stripes and polka dots but also simple: apply wallpaper with geometric patterns on some of the walls or ceiling.


The most popular furniture in the homes of Hollywood of the ’50s have simple lines and sinuous, inspired by classical elements Greeks, Romans and Egyptians, English and French design of the nineteenth century, but also from China. The wooden furniture is lacquered in gloss paints and decorated with metallic finishes . The dimensions of the furniture , especially sofas and armchairs, are deliberately reduced to exalt the figure of the person who sits on it. There are frequent motifs and patterns in Asian style, with flowers, birds and landscapes.

Tasteful decorations make it even more abundant in the design, adding special details and interesting First of all we have to do an extensive use of fabrics and finishes, with ample draperies for both the curtains, the bed and sofas for accessories such as lamps. In addition to the patterns we find fabrics, shiny and pleasant to the touch, such as silk, satin and velvet carpets are thick and decorated with geometric motifs, lying on wooden floors or marble with color contrasts between decorative elements that we can not miss the mirrors, frames with large and important, candelabras and chandeliers Pendants are great screen to divide spaces, perhaps decorated with Chinese patterns, we match also in the art deco style of the paintings, both abstract and figurative , perhaps with pop elements complement our environment with large green plants that give a touch of green to the room.