When decorating a bedroom have to take into account the personality of who is going to use, it is important to choose the style and maximize space.

The bedroom is the most personal part of the house, he spent much of our time and is a shelter in our house, you should be comfortable, cozy and at the same time cover all our needs. All bedrooms, but have the same elements, are not equal. Depends on many things, first the age, not just a bedroom of a young couple in a 80% tip will be a modernist or minimalist style, that of an elderly couple who prefer the classic style . Just as the bathroom, kitchen etc., Are often decorate like the family, with common criteria, the bedroom is much more personal, and each should create a unique environment through a personalized decoration. There are several elements to consider when decorating our bedroom:

# The color of the walls and furniture and clothes and curtains .
# The choice of furniture.
# The lighting.
# Maximum use of space for cabinets and drawers.



If you use neutral colors like brown and gray, we can use us across the range without fear, however if we are to use contrasting colors is best to choose three to play with these and all who are within the same range in both walls as in fabrics and upholstery. Some suggestions include gold for a classic touch, the silver for an avant-garde or futuristic, white for a clean, minimalist touch, the fourth black to elegant and sophisticated, the blue to create a sense of freshness, or we gamble with warm colors like red or orange in the case of young and carefree.

The choice of furniture

First you must discover the type of room you want: minimalist , romantic, contemporary or classic. It is advisable that the couple see many exhibitions in fairs, shops and magazines to define his style, because depending on the style and color of the furniture we will use our palette of colors in the rest of the room. It is very important to choose the cabinets and drawers in a bedroom there are many personal items to keep, but we can not fill the room with furniture leaving no room for our mobility.

The illumination

The first thing we have to look in the room is if it gets enough sun and light, or else is grim, according to this detail will choose the colors. In the event that is well lit no problem, but if it is dark, the colors should be clear, to give light and spaciousness. We need a general light, and also create environments within the same room, if there is a reading corner will require a good light but focused. At the bedside tables, a more romantic and dim light that will help us to relax and seek the rest desired in this part of the house.

Use of space

There are some tricks to maximize space in a double room, especially if the room gives us very tight measures. For example, the wall is under the window curtain can take advantage leaving the short and placing under a cabinet that can be decorated to taste, also serves as a seat, for clothes or shoes.Be used dead space and the height of the room for cabinets and drawers made to measure, rather than a large cupboard that occupies an entire wall and leaves no space. No less important in the decoration of a bedroom is the texture of fabrics and bedding. Both the set of sheets, duvets, pillows and always comfortable blanket to the foot of the bed, as the election of the blind or shade for maximum privacy within our shelter.