The living room is the room that is used more in a home, and it represents the true heart . Create a cozy and warm then turns out to be of utmost importance if we want to spend inside pleasant hours of relaxation . Those lucky enough to live in a large apartment will have endless possibilities to decorate this room as it sees fit, while those who can take advantage of a small space will necessarily have to study systems in order to maximize the potential of the environment, making it appear larger.

The color that will decide to adopt for the walls appears to be of great importance, since depending on the color chosen will get a different optical effect. The rooms are small in fact painted with cool colors such as blue, green, and gray, as well as the classic white shades, the latter particularly suitable to be juxtaposed with any other color, which makes them ideal for the living area. We must also remember to paint the ceiling a lighter shade than the walls, to increase the sense of height, which will be amplified by using curtains that come down to the ground.


The sofa should be in two places, in order not to be disproportionate in relation to the environment. Alternatively, we can evaluate the idea of replacing it with two comfortable chairs, which can be easily moved in case of special occasions, during which we will need to make room, as a party with friends. Among them we can also place a small table , which is useful for supporting a cup of tea during a moment of relaxation , which may perhaps be equipped with storage compartment , to be used to store DVDs and books that are generally left around the room .

If in the living room , we need to also enter the dining room we provide for giving us a table of small size it can be easily extended if necessary Very useful in this case appear to be the foldaway tables, which can be closed when not used and within which are stored the chairs. We will also save space by not loading the environment with a library, but limiting ourselves to a small cabinet door tv and using instead the vertical space of the room, placing shelves at different heights to give an idea of movement and liveliness.