The business card of a hotel, regardless of the star that is certainly the lobby and the reception of the reception staff. But who goes to the hotel rooms goes there to stay and spend most of the time in his room, which must be comfortable and functional as well as clean and well kept. It is therefore very important to decide how to decorate a hotel room , paying attention to the details and entering all that is necessary, not only for law according to category, but also for a pleasant stay guest . In the following guide we will see what are the strengths to be exploited in the furniture of a room.

First you need to bet on the color of the walls . If you do not want to opt for white, although classic and easily ritoccabile, you should prefer the soft, soothing colors. You can also opt for the wallpaper, maybe just on one side to liven up the interior with a particular geometry (that calls the curtains or bedspreads) or with an original background. The walls are then suitably embellished with one or two pictures, depending on the size of the hotel rooms , whose subjects can recall the location where the hotel is located or the name of the hotel. Very important is to hold a mirror quite large, not only because the guest can be seen in its entirety, but also to give depth to the room.


Now for the necessary furniture. The key issue is of course the bed. Elegant, convenient and accurately prepared, will occupy the central part of the room. To ensure better rest would be good to position the head to the north . On either side there will be two bedside tables, with light point, that is, two lamps, one for each occupant of the room. On one of these you can also place the phone and in a drawer if any , information for using your phone, with phone numbers, the number to call the front desk or to set the alarm. The phone could also be placed on the desk. Each room it must have one, to use as a desk and also works well for lean information for customers: schedules of the hotel, brochures, postcards and small souvenirs .

A large closet with hangers must not miss, hotel guests can store their clothes and they can find some spare pillow and blankets in case of sudden cold And why not, even a small safe for storing money, documents or jewelry. At this point the room is almost complete, and the finish a nice television, flat and hung on the wall opposite the bed, an air conditioner that heats also necessary, a luggage carrier, a minibar , and if there is still room, an armchair or sofa.