The pallets or pallets or platforms are still of wood equipment useful for the support of various material and transport via pallet trucks in the warehouse industry. Passing near any industrial area, we will have surely seen them around. decorating house guide we will see how easy it is extremely fun and profitable furnish with the pallets, creating from us various pieces of furniture, especially outdoor furniture for your garden or your terrace.

What you may need to create rustic furniture components has some pallets, a saw, the sandpaper, the protective varnish for wood, nails, about 12-14 cm, a hammer. Prior to offer you a number of ideas I spend two words on the maintenance of wood. Given that it is furniture that will position outside of our house, it will be more subject to weather conditions such as rain, sun rays, pollution, if we leave the raw wood and soon it will ruin our work will lost. To avoid this, it is good, having created the piece of our interest and sand well with medium-grit sandpaper across the superficial, remove excess dust with a dry cloth , painted with a protective coating and impregnating wood Outdoor you will find in any store of accessories for DIY.


The piece of furniture may be easier to achieve with pallets is a table, which can also be used in the living room in front of the sofa like the one in figure 2, proposed by AF mosaics. Just what you need in this case are four wheels to be placed under the feet of the pallets, and you’ll find in any DIY. What you do is treat the bed, passing over sandpaper, wiping with a cloth and protecting it with paint primer. Spend at least 24 hours after coat of paint you remunerate of wheels, wood screws long enough, and if you want to be more comfortable, a cordless drill.
Attach the wheels with the screws under the four feet on all four sides of the pallet. To create a more sophisticated table might then secure above a glass plate of same extent of the pallet.