Decorating house with the wood is really nice idea, as will enable us to live in an environment that breathes constantly taste of nature . Moreover, this material is highly durable and is capable of giving a special touch to our house, if it is considered an element of furniture to all effects. If we have a strong ability manual for its processing, furnish the house will be a wonderful pastime , alternatively we can turn to industry experts who can have fun with different decorative proposals , although of course we will have to calculate a cost higher than the DIY.

The first step consists in verifying that the wood you intend to buy is equipped with FSC certification, a brand that guarantees the origin of this material magnificent authorized, since very often the wood on the market comes from illegal logging practiced in tropical forests , already sorely tried by agriculture and livestock. Once you make sure of this, we can proceed with the elaboration of a sketch that could give us an idea about the measures necessary to house decorations, then we can bring us at a home improvement center to buy the material.


The walls of our apartment will be covered in wood of fir or, if we want to use the finest materials, mahogany, walnut or cherry. The parquet floor will consist of a good quality, while the ceiling we can even think of beams in old style to be placed above the ceiling.

We will then, in furnishing the house with furniture, doors, wooden window frames, do not forget to affix to the walls of the shelves also materials of different origin , in order to create punchy color that will give the apartment a sense of movement, we can of course use this material in the bedroom, for which we can opt for a low bed in a zen style, built without steel inserts. An original idea would also be to use in the living room , wicker armchairs, work, suitable to the interior, as well as a dining table and antique deliberately left in its raw state, which is useful to recreate in a vintage atmosphere.