Balls in glass lanterns, moose motive, candles and fir branches with ribbons bring Christmas cheer to the living room.

In the stores it has already received feed and it will not be long until they can be found in our living rooms: the Christmas decorations. What are the decorative parts in this year particularly in vogue, you will learn in this article.

Baubles: Far more than decoration for the Christmas Tree

Of course, we depend primarily on the Christmas tree balls to us. But what the tree looks good, acts in other parts of your living room. You could place Christmas balls at other locations of your home, perhaps on the window sill or the dresser. But do not overdo it. One or two small beads per windowsill or shelf dresser is all you. Also you can put the ball between your Advent wreath. Tip: Place a few balls in a light wind or stack the carriers of the festive.


It may not always be the Christmas tree

Not everyone has the time and inclination to make a Christmas tree in the apartment. Would you like to give still not on the decking and the wonderful scent, but just get yourself a couple of pine branches. Place them in a vase or hang them in the living room and decorate it shrinks after a tree because of all the needles, pick up the artificial Christmas tree.

Candles are never wrong: fashionable colors are white and bronze

What would the Christmas season without candles. Of course candles should not be missed at Christmas in 2011. In addition to the candles on the Advent candles, you score points with spherical, resembling a Christmas tree ball. Also announced are rectangular candles. Tip: Conventional candles, you can easily turn into a Christmas highlight, by wrapping a ribbon around it. Hot colors are white and the rest bronze.

Christmas figurines conjure up the living room

Small figurines make the living room to life. Place small moose, angels or Santas on window sills or dresser. Also, pine trees with a face, snowmen or reindeers bring Christmas cheer into the home. Tip: Christmas themes to make good on pillowcases or cookie tins.

General tips: Classical and kitsch instead of less is more

This year especially precious decorations are in fashion. If possible, never more than two colors. In addition to a muted, neutral color, like white, silver or bronze, the second color can calm a little stronger, such as red or dark purple to be. Avoid bright colors like pink but on or Orange. Blue skin with the green of the Christmas tree or the pine branches, and should therefore not be better used. Follow the motto “instead of classical kitsch” and you do nothing wrong. This also means that the majority of your decorations should be kept in rather dull colors, with a few glittering highlights, however, is no objection. The second tip you should heed that less is truly more. Not overdo it with the Christmas decorations, or you already suspended the celebration of love in mid-December to jibe.