It happens very often realize to own a home with a pretty old-fashioned style . Sometimes we get discouraged at the thought. Maybe when you had bought the house of your dreams, the style you liked and wanted that everything remained vintage . Unfortunately, fashions change and the need arises to want to modernize your home, maybe with some modifications here and there. But you can still linger just about the arrangement of the furniture. If you are interested in this topic, below you will be explained some decorative ideas regarding the modernization of old houses .

old houses

First, you’ll have to linger to observe the current state of the walls. If the most recent painting of your home is outdated or no longer fits your style staff, considered the idea of paint it. In some cases, this may involve the work more difficult to remove the eventual wallpaper below. To choose the most suitable color, refer to specific color palette for old houses or historic.

Subsequently take charge of the lighting system, both of the individual environments both in general. Choose bulbs rather strong in the kitchen and other more discreet in the living room, perhaps to accentuate the light on a beautiful piece of furniture or antique painting. The general installation must be designed taking into account the size of the house and furniture. Some very old houses may not be able to support lighting which requires a great amount of tension energy. If you want to save money in the bill of light, I recommend you install the LED spotlights , which have a soft light , but also make it a very welcoming environment .

The furniture in retro style is always appreciated, especially in recent years. To create an environment in this style, frequented markets vintage and antique dealers, to try the historical accents as doorknobs and drawer, furnishings and fittings recovery. To play a nice effect of contrast, you can safely enter some individual elements of modern taste, like a piece of design in the living room or a spa bath in hyper-technological.
Put special attention to furnishings such as curtains and fabrics for chairs and sofas which should be strictly in line with the ancient style, preferably in texture details.