With proper distribution of furniture and interior decor well thought out, you can get a comfortable living room.

The study lounge with dining area has many variants in the field of interior design that can give richness to the space. Keep in mind whenever one space but with two distinct functions, each with its own requirements. It is important at the time of the decoration that the distribution of furniture is appropriate for maximum utilization of space and also clearly delimit the two functions, without losing the unitary nature of the assembly.

How to arrange furniture in the room

The way of living will that will determine how best to distribute the furniture . If rectangular, it makes sense to place the two areas in parallel, leaving the living area to where the window is the dining room as close as possible to the kitchen. If the room is square rather it is best placed diagonally areas, in the opposite corners. In this case, if placed in parallel, the feeling of shrinking space. It is also common to have a space in an “L”. If so, the distribution is clear: an activity in each wing and a reading area or desk space that acts as a link to highlight the difference in activities. The professional interior design are best placed to advise on these aspects.


The furniture and differentiating space in home decor

To achieve delimit each activity, a resource is the use of furniture . One option is to place against the base units that support the back of the sofa. Thus, not lost much space and also be a useful as a place to store and the top can be used as a shelf for placing a pot or books. It is also very common and practical to use a wood stove, as this location will get a more even heat distribution. This can be integrated into a cabinet with a lot of transparency that is also where the TV is placed.

Other resources used for this purpose are at the level of floor , bringing the dining a step that is less than 20 inches above the seating area. Also by placing different rugs on either side or just in the living area is achieved highlight the difference in space. The paint of the walls can also achieve effects cut using the same color but by raising the pitch of one of the zones. It is always recommended that the lighter area is the dining room as a matter of application requirements. An option is also a wall coating of a different material such as ceramic or stone.

The lighting in your room’s decor

As activities are different, the lighting has its specific guidelines for each zone. Eating area requires a central lumen on the table. This is solved by a lamp located about 80 cm from the surface of use. The power should not exceed 100W because otherwise it would add much heat and annoying. It can enhance lighting a lamp located at a service unit or a floor lamp. In the sector to be required for a type of illumination more relaxed. It is organized around the seating area to get a nice general distribution and reading at the same time. It is recommended that lamps are used to regulate the intensity, so as to obtain the required atmosphere for every occasion. Until not long ago the hall was a place only for “hits”. But now is the true area of ​​family life, therefore it is essential to pay close attention to interior decoration to make the stay at home be a peaceful and welcoming experience.