The small bedrooms are much more cozy and intimate. The problem is that the lack of space limits us enough. Therefore, before decorating we must take into account a number of important aspects. The color, the shape of the room, the windows in here wants to help you for decorating small bedrooms take advantage of your bedroom with great solutions for mini spaces.

decorating small bedrooms

White and pastel shades

You already know that light colors help us win luminosity spaces. White reflects almost 80% of natural light. Conversely, dark colors absorb light. Therefore, based on this standard, one thing is clear: in bedrooms mini must escape the dark colors as well as bold prints. The strong tones and intricate decoration prints unnecessarily recharge, causing stress and feeling overwhelmed. Therefore, we recommend choosing light colors like white and unerring pastel tones. There are plenty of colors to help you gain space and light in your little bedroom.

Take the walls and height of the room

Did you know that the traditional elements of the bedroom, as the head, could become great storage solutions? If you do not have space for auxiliary furniture, try to put shelves in this area. But make sure you are at the right height to not hurt to get up every day. Another interesting option shelves can be placed in the highest part of the walls to take advantage of the height of the room. So we avoid recharging the space with too much furniture. In this sense, it is also interesting to choose high cabinets, which allow us to maximize the height of our bedroom.

Another great solution for mini bedroom is to choose cabinets with sliding doors as we will not have to worry about the space occupied by the door when opening it. In this way, we can be reached anywhere and are not as limited by the meters available. If your small, we recommend relocate some furniture to enjoy more free space. For example, you can place the desk area in the dining room or in the lounge.

In other words, you do not have to put all the furniture in the bedroom. Although usual usually find them here, you will earn meters if they are in other areas of the house where you have more space. Although you do not believe, fabrics also help us gain distance. The light fabrics help us decorate a bedroom visually lighter. While rugged fabrics and thicker fabrics like wool recharges space, as they are aesthetically heavier. Do not forget that the mirrors are great allies of small spaces, since by reflecting light we help gain breadth.