A beautiful Christmas tree, it is essential but it costs expensive fast balls, garlands and other decorations. It is best to make your own.

Each year, the shops we offer new decorating ideas, new harmonies of color to decorate our Christmas tree. But changing the theme every year and coloring, it is quite expensive. The solution: create yourself the elements of its Christmas decorations with simple materials, so inexpensive, allowing in addition to having a single tree.

First step: choose a theme or color scheme

Of course, any gold decoration, while silver is still a very nice effect. Moreover, it is highly likely that your boxes are filled with gold or silver items purchased in previous years. So you can recycle these items and decor complete with those that you create. Here are some ideas for interesting color combination:

# Black and Gold: chic
# gold and purple: Baroque
# gold and white: prestigious
# gold and lime green: modern
# gold and fuschia: gypsy
# gold and chocolate: gourmet
# silver and red flamboyant
# Silver and Blue: Frosted
# silver and white fairy


But you can also drop these festive colors for different tones: the traditional red and green, the original purple and lime green, turquoise and hot pink flashy. You have to give free rein to your imagination. For your home should be smooth not to mix more than two different colors or else adopt a variation of the same color. Here are some ideas, simple to make that can keep the kids on Wednesday afternoon.

Replace ball with tassels of different sizes.

It should be: of sturdy cardboard, the yarn in the colors chosen, a pair of scissors. For those who can not make the tassels, find explanations here. Depending on the diameter of the circle selected, you get different sizes of pompoms. One can obviously take only one size. If we want the glitter pompoms can be purchased son spangled with lurex.

Decorate the tree with nodes in tissue

Just do full node with fabric strips or ribbons. The width of the web or strip noœuds train of different sizes. Some ideas for fabric: satin effect for a precious tulle color to a decorative air, fabric glitter to shine brightly, gingham for a note of freshness.

Create a tasty decoration

The principle of this award is to decorate the tree with candy, lollipops, chocolates, candy canes canes wrapped in multicolored paper. Choose treats of all shapes and all colors and hang them with ribbons in assorted colors, of course, this idea requires an expenditure of decoration a little more consistent but the greedy delight after the holiday season and will be donated not lost for everyone!

In the same vein, we can also decorate the tree with cookies easy to make and that they too will end up in the stomachs of greedy! You will find here or there shortbread recipes to decorate the Christmas tree: just think about making a hole before baking the top of the subject in order to pass a ribbon and hang the object. By using different cookie cutters, we create topics on the Christmas theme (stars, trees, balls) and why not give free rein to his imagination by drawing on various grounds in the cookie dough that can also coloring with icing sugar ice and food coloring, then another idea recipe for shortbread windows . The only drawback to this design-based cake is that it is far more ephemeral especially if one wants to eat the cakes, it can last a few days otherwise the cake will be too hard.