People always talk of blue for boys and pink for girls, but thanks to the creativity of many designers, each family can make a different room.

Once confirmed the pregnancy, most mothers are prepared to wait for the baby. At first not even know the sex, but eventually, thanks to technology, today’s women can tell if boy or little female, and so ready for all that this state entails and decorate the room for baby.

The pink for “Drink”

Some moms prefer the classic quarter and predominantly pastel colors of pink. This is the case with the mother of “Drink”, who decided that the room will be decorated with white furniture, but wood and the walls of a single tone, and should not be a magician to know what is. The inner part of the decor is white and pink bunny on all clothing, boxes, sheets, pillows and even the mobile from the crib. The smooth white curtains with their handles the subject chosen. There is a room that displeased, but could be more striking and more personalized.


Blue for “Bebo”

For this baby, his mother decided he wants the typical blue color with wooden furniture and the bears in the rattle in the bibs on the walls, the bed covers, clothes and in the trunk, where, eventually, toys keep this happy little person. Moreover, combining this decoration on the walls with blue colors in various shades, and lots of toys just for kids. Is a mother who seeks to “Bebo” is identified with everything around.


We must put aside the classical and innovate, to see what is being used. The decoration today has changed so much that it is normal to consider and the Feng Shui on how to distribute the furniture and in what direction, so that will maintain a place in harmony. It also seems to impose motives and think about what colors to use on walls, clothes and even what toys. This development has been defined as “unisex” or “impartial” certain dolls and colors, and not necessarily talking about the yellow, green or white, but the range in general. The decoration “unisex” is a combination of colors, furniture, accessories and lighting appropriate for a room special atmosphere.

Furniture long term

Some families prefer to be decorated for a long time and are prepared with cribs that turn into twin beds. The same goes for the colors of the walls or wallpaper, preferring to make a room that is used to 8 or 10 years. Investment is perhaps a little more expensive due to the design of the furniture, but it takes so long, that this decision is priceless. To view these designs there are many websites , magazines, and even going directly to the stores.

Ideas or “tips” to reinvent and decorate

Many times, when compared, decorations and children’s clothes are more expensive than an adult. Not to worry, you can use your creativity, reinvent the decoration of this room and make your baby’s arrival quite pleasant:

# Furniture can have their original color or can be sanded and change color.
# Paint the walls.
# Reposition beds, rocking chairs and toys in the room.
# Buy plain fabrics that match what you have and make cushions or covers for the crib.
# Add a rug.
# Place large pictures or a picture frame that serves to make a “collage” and go showing your baby’s growth and childhood.
# Check every corner of your house and if you have furniture that serves to store toys, then enter it in this area.
# Remember, money is not always what it takes to decorate a room. It’s just see what’s out there, and is fashionable, for ideas. Everything you do, do it with love and thinking about the blessing of the miracle of this life of “Bebo” or “Drink”.