Do you want to make something different inside your home? We will explain, through functional advice and useful tips, how to do to decorate your home with ash, a particular type of light wood and delicate, generally characteristic choices in the Nordic style furniture and modern solutions and away from the classic, represented but another type of timber, namely that of the walnut. Continue reading to find out, therefore, with how to deal with your experiments housewives in opting for this solution which certainly will give a touch of brightness to your home.

As briefly mentioned in the introduction, the ash lends itself well In furnishing modern as that of a living room and a lounge, all surrounded by a line very clear and bright. Sofas in fabric or faux leather, linen curtains and carpets fiber range in white, beige or cream, will marry perfectly with ash which complements a library corner or a small table placed at the center of the room. If the space is large, it may be an original idea also the realization of a loft in ash.


Our wood also lends itself very well to the decor of the bedrooms of children or young then for choosing cabinets, desks, drawers , and of course the bed, especially in the case of a room shared by two or more subjects. Very beautiful indeed are the choices of the structure of the genre night bunk with ladder. As for the pairings with the colors of the range is very wide because the material goes perfectly with every hue fresh, vivid and lively, typical of the rooms of the youngest. We can mention the green, purple and yellow.

It may seem very unusual, but the ash can also be used for the decoration of the bathroom through the choice of furniture from services such as shelves can be a structure for the repositioning of toiletry items such as conditioners, shampoos, deodorants, shaving brushes and lotions and a special cabinet of those that are generally custom made ​​and to be placed around the area of the sink and the mirror, with a portion exceeding frame with drawers in order to keep the various tools of beauty and a lower part with a cabinet that maybe can be indicated as a container for medicines.