The auxiliary units are in all rooms and areas of the house. They serve primarily as tables, chairs, ottoman, small shelves, any function applies to these little dwarves in the house. In addition, occasional furniture decoration is something that we must give importance.

Why do we need this furniture?

Get to think of the many times you are performing an activity and have no where to put some of the pieces you hire: towels, clothes to get out of the bathroom, the supplements you use from time to time but do not want to always keep an eye. There are millions of times in the day where we can find a quick fix if you have furniture like these. They are the most practical option to increase the storage capacity anywhere and another element when decorating.

Using the auxiliary movable decoration

One of the most used solutions are the sidewalks below dressers and tables. These increase its capacity and therefore are very practical for everyday things, especially if the space does not have a cabinet under the sink. Its small size allows you to install this type of furniture in any corner, save space and are visually lighter than other types of furniture. Also, you can have it near the tub for accessories you’re tired of stretching to reach or near a bathtub with magazines, in short, are a reflection of your needs and a way to have the essentials on hand at all times.


In the market there are many occasional furniture with a classic antique cabinets that mimic turn of the century. Often these look great accompanied by modern environments, believe it or not, as they highlight over other elements and charge an extra role in the decoration of the house. Anyway, I suggest when the room is large enough. If you are one of those that bring a vintage look , this type of furniture can do very well in your decor. Another way to locate them is in these spaces that we take for useless because nothing fits in the limited area such as between walls or holes. These are the key location to add a bespoke service unit.

Think of each of the areas of your home and get to see all those little things you want, but you can not find how to locate them. That same you want to have on hand in different places but can not and solve your problem. It’s not complicated, it is only necessary to find the element needed to achieve a more enjoyable and especially suited to you and your needs. As it should be.