Recycled products are the best choice to decorate and save, allowing endless possibilities in functional furniture and accessories.

Recycled products have now become the best choice for decorating and even in architecture , because it allows endless possibilities, give our home a great touch of personality and exclusivity and allow you to create new ideas, the time saved and takes care of the planet. Welcome eco fashion or green fashion now prevails in all areas of our lives, as part of developing sustainable or sustainable to save the environment.

Recyclable products in home decor

What is referred to as recyclable products ? Are all those having served their purpose for which they were made, manufactured or produced, instead of throwing them away, are reused serving a different function but useful, such as glass (bottles), cans (packaging of food or drink) plastic, wood, metal, paper, cork, electronics parts and even the egg shell is being used to decorate furniture and accessories, among others. These products are recycled using sophisticated techniques in some cases, but we can also recycle ourselves and decorate our house, giving a unique, cozy and very low cost. It all depends on the creativity of each person.


Home accessories

In decoration accessories are very important because they are the ones that give a touch of elegance and good taste to an environment, making it cozy. The accessories can be mentioned pictures, mirrors, curtains, lamps, pictures, cushions, rugs, screens, plants or any other adornment we use to supplement, and this is where you can save and create what you want, using whatever is deprecated in the home.

Modern and functional furniture

If you are looking for functionality, now being developed recycled cardboard chairs in wood-based, highly resistant (resistant to 800 kilograms) that are practical, original and above all also can be adapted to any space and can be save up behind a door or under a bed when not in use. Are also about cardboard shelves that have proven quite resilient. Plastic has also become an excellent alternative in the manufacture of furniture and accessories at an industrial level in order to save the planet and avoid excessive logging. This material is handy, lightweight, durable and resistant, which increasingly offer more employment alternatives in all its technical variants such as transparent polycarbonate , polystyrene, methyl polymethacrylates and others. Its main characteristic thermoplastic, is that they may acquire different consistencies and finishes rich, depending on the temperature at which exposed: at room temperature are plastics, upon cooling are glassy and are liquid when heated, wonderful quality being used with great creativity and efficiency to the design of modern and functional furniture.

Decorative Accessories on the cheap

To make decorative accessories, useful and very practical for home, spending very little and using only what you have at home just have to ax some simple ideas.

# With empty glass bottles, lamps can be elaborate or other simple and elegant.
# Cans can be made ​​pots, organizers or lanterns for your garden, decorating them to your liking.
# With eggshell surfaces can be decorated tables, boxes, frames, boxes, picture frames and lampshades, giving a beautiful and exquisite finish.
# With pallet or boxes of food can create chairs, benches, tables and even bookshelves.
# Of old bicycle wheels may arise fun tables or chairs .

Actually there are endless possibilities that can arise using any object that has at home and creativity. You just have to get down to work to discover how far to make the home a delightful haven of rest and peace, where the whole family wants to come after a long day.