Does a small birthday is coming and you do not know how to decorate the party? We propose an idea with which you will not spend the decoration of children with recycled material. Oddly, enough with the materials we have at home we can achieve very original decorations. A simple glass bottle halved plastic caps or cardboard toilet paper can be your perfect tools for decorating children’s parties with recycled material.


We have some ideas that can inspire and do not take more than an afternoon carry them out. Surprise guests and gives a lesson in sustainability. Why buy ornaments every year? We can do it with our own hands and so will have a unique personal touch. Aim these ideas and get to work!

Decorate with plastic dishes

Plastic dishes of all life can become as you see in sympathetic characters that announce the party menu some positive phrases or the name of the birthday boy or girl. Add on the back of the plate lugs be a rabbit an orange circle and be a lion or triangular and black ears to a cat. In the front (which will see) hits two eyes of black construction paper whiskers wire or cardboard and two blushes with pink foam. Stick them to the wall with double-sided adhesive tape of non-marking and writes the sandwich each a positive phrase or the name and age of you may also be interested in tables decorated for birthdays and special dates

Do not throw the plastic caps! With them, you can small centerpieces for each guest put in place. You only need plugs, good glue and some green pipe cleaners. Place a sign with the name of each child, so upon arrival each will sit where should and should not have to be aware of everything. You can make a flower like photography but also let your imagination and make a cloud a smile what the small likes!

Another of the stars elements of decoration of children from recycled materials are cardboard tubes from toilet paper. Usually we throw without thinking of dual use them, but seeing these pictures, I am sure you what you think twice next time. With them, you can make original ways to decorate the walls birthday. You can do a heart like this or if you look artfully, you can make the initial birthday boy girl or years to comply. To give you an add color paint some of the tubes and mix with other different sizes such as kitchen paper tubes for example.

It is true that the ornaments are great to leave open-mouthed children. However, after a couple of hours, what they want to do is Play Therefore, we recommend you keep an ace up his sleeve and surprised with toys made from recycled materials. The same bottles, if filled with sand or water, can serve as bowls.