Create within the home, a personalized space, comfortable and cozy, where you can relax in total comfort.

If asked what is the most ideal house to relax, the answers may be endless, because there are people who disconnect cooking, some gardening, some in the shower or tub, lying on the couch in front of the TV. But it is also true that many would like to dedicate a room in the house just for relaxation , a reading corner, an area for quiet listening, that chair or that lounge chair to accommodate the stressed body. The interior decoration is at the service of relaxation and comfort.

Reading area on the home

Available near the window, a comfortable chair , a table and a library for composing the reading corner, so you can relax and culturizarse, is a cozy and warm option. If the corner of which has not so bright, choose appropriate pieces and color composition may help give birth to the environment. The walls in various shades of white and furniture stripped cleared spaces. It is interesting to a counterpoint of color elements of hue rise within the range of neutral, like a beige or dark brown, very carefully. The clear floor or covered with hair mats or raw stones visually enlarge the space.


The warmth of the fireplaces

The fireplace is without doubt a first class resource around which you can create an optimal relaxation area, or quiet conversation. With most current systems do not need chimneys of a shot to the fumes. Practices are now marketed gas fireplaces, electric or ethanol as a flame simulating actual not distinguish the real fire. A good suggestion is to create an environment where they play with the colors red , in all its variants serene like blueberry, strawberry, garnet-, combined with beige and grays.

A cozy space for two

You do not need a large space to form a warm and intimate corner for two. Combining the furniture and colors, you can get an air conducive to privacy and magic. Sophistication in tissues, aids and furniture. Daring decorations using for this extravagant brocades, bright metallic, gold, silver or copper, precious woods and neutral tones. Players who can go very well together with two chaise long upholstered fabrics seductive as silk or velvet and finished in dark wood color. This environment, along with adequate lighting, invite a couple break.

Relaxing space in housing for all

A good option is to opt for a multifunctional room for each family member has their personal space for leisure. Apart from that dwarf walls visually stay at home, a way of separating the different zones is to use carpet and furniture that perfectly define the space. Nordic style decor is very suitable for this purpose because the lightness of their designs and colors do not overwhelm the environment too. To unwind and recharge your batteries after a busy day at work, there is nothing more rewarding than reaching a household suggestive in comfort and relaxation. The interior design allows, without too much excess furniture and accessories, which stays at home into real spaces for personal and family enjoyment.