How to decorate the hall? or how to change the room? Give a change to the appearance of living at home can be very easy if you have several options.

The transformation of a part of the house need not necessarily result in an expense or a complete renovation. Often it is easy to change the image of a space by adding a detail or an accessory. The expense is greatly reduced if we make changes to the same things we have on hand. The choices today are many and are the ultimate in interior design.

Armchairs and sofas with cushions and blankets

The living room furniture should be chosen from a basic concept: the space that counts. Without losing the comfort and the feeling that this furniture will be a crossing to lie down comfortably. In small departments consider using sofa beds, which will be very useful if we visit. The footrests are a good accompaniment to the couch as they have no support and leave the visual sensation of larger spaces, plus they also serve seating. The houses with larger rooms can be used as large furniture chaise long. To split the room into two large pieces of furniture are placed two back to back. This creates two areas and if you like, with two different styles.


To enter a work area in the room, a good option is to place the main sofa in the middle and a desk behind him. This way you can play back two different spaces. The renewal of a space is not necessarily changing all the furniture. The pillows and blankets on the sofa color can change a room and constantly update. The colors and textures in the fabric of these may soften a space and make it warmer.

Coffee tables and auxiliary space as

Coffee tables are always useful for placing drinks or dishes when you get home visit. These can be rectangular baskets also serve for storage. If you want to customize the table, you can place a glass over it and expose pictures below. The side tables are those that accompany the sofa by his two sides. They save space and not have to be put before the cabinet and are always smaller than the main table.

The best location for the TV in the room

To choose the place of television in the room, you must first take into account the entry of light. If it is inevitable that direct light outside from the display, the solution would be to put curtains or blinds to help cut the rays of light. Appliances such as players, speakers, games, controls or remote controls, need a space where stored. Ideally, they are close to the TV. Some furniture, such as those with sliding doors, are the best chance that they are not messy electronics.

Storage and shelf depending on household needs

All furniture can become accomplices for storage. Having small items stored in one place, it leaves a sense of order and cleanliness. The boxes, baskets or crates are widely used for storage. Dressers, voids can be filled with a basket that matches the decor and style of the house. The cabinets with glass doors serve not only to store and display, but also are great protectors of dust and prevent accidents with children playing around. For children to have no excuse not to sort your things, you should assign a storage space that can be accessed easily by height.

Lighting that creates a special ambience

For rooms that want to cause a warm feeling, it is preferable to use lamps with yellow lights. The white bulbs are used more in work environments such as offices or desks in the house. The lamps have a number of variations among which are the foot and the table. If you have side tables, you can use a lamp on each table. Halogen bulbs are the most used in modern decor. These are quite powerful and small at a time. Have gained popularity for its high performance and durability. What is recommended, to use them, is to be careful because after some minutes of use are heated and can cause injury on contact. Direct illumination of wall paintings and gives prominence to the light if you want to highlight it.