At these parties can resort to elements within our reach and achieve a fun and inexpensive way to receive family Christmas caring for the environment.

The Christmas and New Year are often a source of joy and unity in much of the world’s households. But sometimes that joy is tempered by the lack of means or resources to meet the expenses generated by its conclusion. However, with enthusiasm and creativity can turn to elements within our reach and achieve a fun, economical and practical way to get the family Christmas. The Christmas decorations and other home decorations can be made ​​up in a home. But it is not unique in that arrangement we can carry out other preparations. Canning, pastries, liqueurs, etc. can be made in advance and book at home until the holidays. Also on the night of Christmas or New Year, a menu can be a surprisingly original choice, economic and homemade.


The benefits of recycling

Containers, boxes, containers, buttons, fabric and countless more unused elements that are whirling at home without practical use can decorate our home this holiday season . In addition to generating a family space for making ornaments, we are creating a environmental awareness in our children and young people. It should grow to learn and to do nothing more conducive to a fun time and space to promote it. Thus, through a process that involves awareness of the celebration of a momentous celebration for Christianity, we are also raising awareness about a concept vital to the future of the young, as is the preservation of the environment .

It is useful to remember that

# 3 to 4 months is the time it takes to transform the nature of cinema tickets, events and printed propaganda distributed mainly in public.
# 10 years is the time it takes to transform nature into a can of soda or beer to the state of iron oxide.
# 100 years the time it takes nature to transform the styrofoam, plastic corks, diskettes and disposable lighters.
# 200 years is the time it takes nature to transform a pair of shoes and bags.
# 300 years is the time it takes to transform nature plastic jointed dolls.
# 1000 years is the time it takes to transform nature into disposable cups made of polypropylene, a plastic bottle and highly polluting components of the batteries.
# 4000 years is the time it takes to transform nature in glass bottles, in any format.

The best waste is not produced

The composition of the garbage is proof that we went from a lifestyle where predominant organic products, one of industrial products. Thus, the trash bin that was previously filled with food scraps, glass and cardboard, now houses a variety of plastics, cans, packaging and scrap all kinds of difficult degradation. That is why, during the holidays, when more forcefully emerges reflective spirit, concienticemonos family about caring for our planet. The key is to contribute from our home with our little grain of sand. The suggestion is raised, the materials are suggested, now only needs to get going.