Do the walls of your house seem boring? Forget the paint and the wallpaper and go one step further. Today you can choose other more original materials to cover the walls and decorate all kinds of environments.

Coat the walls

If, as far as decorative schemes are concerned, you are like the vast majority of people, then your walls will be painted, maybe white or any other color. Maybe there is some that is papered with wallpaper whether it is retro, floral or more discreet design. In any case, there are other ways of coating the walls.

materials to cover the walls

Here are some alternatives that are worth exploring if you are renovating or decorating your house and you want to give the spaces a plus of originality. Start by the walls, leave the painting, and wallpaper for the houses of the rest of the people. Yours is special and you are going to make it clear by starting to cover the walls in a different way.

Choose the ceramic to cover the walls

Many materials can be used to coat the walls. Ceramic tiles are an option, but are usually relegated to the kitchen and bathroom. However, the decorative possibilities of pottery today have increased so much that we cannot let it be hidden in kitchens and bathrooms. It is almost obligatory to remove it to the rest of the house and use it to cover the walls of the living room, the hall, the dining room or the bedroom.

Now you can choose different ceramic formats, with extra large or small pieces of different sizes. There are also very original finishes, with metallic effect, which imitate other textures and materials, etc. One advantage that ceramic has to cover the walls is that, in addition to decorating, it helps us to disguise defects if they existed. In addition, it is installed very easily and is a very resistant material, as much to the wear as to the stains and the daily trot.

A brick wall seen

It is another option if you want to give your walls a different touch. Using exposed brick whether authentic or plaque that imitates this material is a great idea to decorate an environment with an industrial or rustic style. The brick seen harmonizes perfectly with both decorative trends and, in addition, looks great along with other materials such as wood, steel or polished cement.

A decorative idea that goes one-step further is to combine bricks of different shades. You will also find bricks or platelets with an aged or colored finish that go out of the usual. They are winks that help you not fall into the conventional when it comes to lining the walls of your house.

Not to abuse, it is best to choose one of the walls of the room and decorate it with brick seen, leaving the rest with paint. Choose this liner for a pillar, a wall or a part of the wall. The goal is not to mottling the space too much.

Do you need a material that brings warmth and naturalness to your home? Does the environment look soulless and cold? You can choose to cover the walls with wood. You will not find a warmer and more welcoming material. You just have to choose the color and finish that harmonizes with the style of the decoration.