With colorful flowers and fruits can easily conjure up a wonderful autumn mood in the house. Find Ideas for modern decorative and spatial elements.

In any season, nature is so diverse and colorful in their colors as in the autumn. Whether in sun-drenched days of September, or on a gray October morning: leaves and flowers glow with an intensity that surprised again and again. Get a little magic of this mood in the house! Decorative elements are designed space quickly and with few options.

Mobile with rose hips

Movement in the room to bring the red fruit of the rose family, when they float on a Mobile: Find yourself a suitable twig from the garden or at the next walk in the countryside. Rose hips also can be found in many places by the woods and field edges. Attach the arm to the ceiling first and then deal only with the decoration. Cut the rose hips from relatively short, so that only one stem remains of about five centimeters. To this you wind a piece of copper or gold wire whose other end is finally fixed on the branch. If you like, before you thread a few beads on the wire in order to imitate dew. Through this mix of materials gives your mobile a modern, smart touch. Use both individual and small tufts of fruit and some green leaves that you have previously pressed, so they do not curl up after a few days.


Treasure chest with autumn fruits

Showcase your favorite collectibles in a kind of collage on the table or windowsill. Choose for a flat box or a tin box, which they fill with small glasses or mini-lanterns. This should be the best single color or transparent so that the result is not too colorful. In this glass is now one of your kind collectibles set, for example, dried flowers of hydrangeas, small pumpkins, chestnuts, mini corn on the cob, crab apples, Physalis, lavender flowers, berries and leaves. Distribute your wealth so that the alternating colors, resulting in a colorful picture. The box itself can be left natural, but should be solid. A stark contrast to the mostly red and yellow flowers and fruits is the container, if he or craft acrylic paint in purple or turquoise is painted.

Rustic flower arrangements with hydrangeas

For a rural package on the table make dried hydrangea flowers and ivy. Take a clay pot that has already scheduled a little moss or lichen, and equip it with a large purple or pink hydrangeas bloom. To overcome some ivy blossom around you and let one end hang down a little. Set up this way, two more decorative pot and set it forth in a row on the table. A variant of this idea is the selection of a larger, but not too high pot, is introduced into the slightly floral foam. Then a light green glass is made ​​with a thick candle. Around the base of the wind light around you put several small hydrangeas and overcome the tendril handle so that it lies partly on the flowers and the other half on the table goes down. The pot can also be stuck with a few pieces of bark.

Pumpkins presented beautifully

Hardly an autumnal decoration works without pumpkins. Each year, you can discover new shapes and colors in various sizes on these fruits. Especially the small varieties are ideal for table decorations: In a glass port, various types of pumpkins filled and thus serve as a focal point for the center of the table or on a sideboard. In addition to a few branches with red rose hips or Physalis be plugged. Even on a wire cake stand from the small pumpkins do well. Who invites you to an autumn meal, can use the fruit as a stylish place card holder: Just a piece of wire at one end of a narrow clamp using a flat spiral turn, connect the other end into the pumpkin and insert it into the spiral of the place cards.