In this guide, I suggest some ideas for decorative houses old. Whatever the age of the building, there are many design solutions for interiors to get a highly personal style, to personalize and embellish it in the best way and following the good taste.

First you have to take care of the current state of the walls. If the most recent painting of your home is out of date or no longer fits your personal style, consider paint it. In some cases, this may involve the work harder to remove any wallpaper below. To choose the most suitable color, see the palette of colors specific to ancient stable and historians, who often declined in airy tones and bright colors, but always leaving room for your creativity.

It’s a good thing also modernize the lighting system, and the individual rooms and general. Opt for light bulbs rather strong in the kitchen and other more discreet in the living room, perhaps to accentuate the light on a fine piece of furniture or antique painting. The general must be designed taking into account the size of your home and your home decor. Some very old houses may not be able to support lighting that requires a large amount of voltage energy. A faint light given by spotlights still managed to make a very welcoming environment. you can follow this link Condo Moving.


The furniture in retro style is always appreciated, especially in recent years to creme style surroundings, learn adoptable solutions of the time, by going to the library, looking at the copies of magazines and online sites. A very effective solution is to attend flea markets and antique antique dealers, antique accents to look like door handles and drawer, furniture and fittings that with very little recovery are able to donate very special allure to create a pleasing effect of counterstand.