The diffuse light in the kitchen out pieces of furniture and architectural elements while the indirect light is ideal for interiors.

Among the new trends are becoming popular lighting furniture with light, an original proposal that fills any room uniqueness and character. In the kitchen, this decorative lighting results in one or more modules to provide diffuse light to the room, perfect to highlight some of the furniture or other architectural elements (such as niches).

Illuminated glass

A good choice for a modern lighting in kitchens are backlit glass for both the furniture to the walls, excellent to create very different environments depending on the chosen color. Not forgetting the lights or headlamps are arranged in the rear of the upper cabinets to provide a warm and indirect light to the entire stay.


LED Lighting

It has also popularized the use of LED in the kitchen, either on the front of the cabinets or baseboards of the same, with the aim of providing greater prominence to the furniture. And is that the brighter areas are those that attract, initially, all eyes. The LED (short for light emitting diode ) light emitting diode, acting transforming electricity into light (through semiconductors), and highlight both its strength and high durability (over 100,000 hours) and its minimal use (not 2 reach W of power). Also, these tiny light sources emit no heat, no power required to start its operation, can be kept on for hours without problems and the light does not fluctuate (because they operate with direct current). On the other hand, are ideal to create a suggestive and nuanced thanks to its wide variety of colors.

Kitchen cabinets illuminated inside

Illuminate the interior of some modules is a popular choice in kitchens, as it facilitates the search for the different elements. Used both in drawers as lockers, used mainly in glass cases with glass fronts transparent, it is a very effective way to highlight the contents thereof: dishes , glassware.Release can be found lighting are activated automatically when door is opened and off when you close it, or others that have a small switch built into its side. Another possibility is to install a switch connected to these lights, so they can turn on and off like other luminaries of the room. An interesting and very practical option, especially at night, because it makes unnecessary the lights on the ceiling.

Halogen or fluorescent

The most common is to install halogen or fluorescent. The only requirement is that the furniture you leave enough room so that the transformer is hidden inside. Otherwise, appliques can be placed on top of the upper cabinets or on the edge of the doors. The effect is not the same, but also include forms and transmit sensations, while allowing light up a corner of the kitchen .

Spotlight with linextras

The linextras, small tubes or incandescent light of 40 60 W provide a pleasant light at the same time, distorted vision. In the market you can buy designs that incorporate a small switch, a very practical and functional solution that facilitates the day to day in the kitchen. Both linextras as halogen (its power ranges from 10 to 20 W and provide a warmer light than the first) must be protected with strips to prevent glare. Another option is equally valid applets, used to direct the light beam on the plane to be illuminated to facilitate the tasks of food handling. On islands without cabinets and surfaces can be used for spotlights and projectors rail.

Furniture and flooring in light colors

A great way to reinforce the effect of natural light is to opt for a floor, some coverings and furnishings in light colors. On the other hand, to avoid disturbing the formation of shadows, it must be combined with various sources of artificial light, either in the form of recessed halogen lights in the ceiling, wall linextras, fluorescent . Whatever the option chosen, it is an excellent decorative solution as it provides a glimmer to stay in the home . And although this type of lighting is not essential, yes it is perfect for adding a touch of warmth to the kitchen and make it more inviting.