The terrace is a portion of the house used especially in the summer months, special dinners and family celebrations or with friends. Regardless of the size of the terrace it is possible, with some tweaking and a little fantasy, creating a space in which to relax and enjoy the free time also doing gardening. With this guidebook will afford you some helpful advice on how to design a garden on your patio, it is a simple job that you can perform yourself.


Who lives in the city or in a village, you know how difficult it is to have a terrace, of any size, to live as if we were in another reality, far above the smog and noise. Sometimes we do not think how you can beautify, decorate, embellish, re-evaluate the spaces we already have, thinking that make an improvement, it means to design, architect, bureaucracy, yard and a very long time. In fact make a garden on the terrace is a simple, economical and rewarding. Let’s start with the choice of vessels where to place the plants: do not buy the first vessel we find, since it also serves as a vase to decorate the space in which it is appropriate to choose it with care. Just go to a specialized center to realize the variety of sizes, colors and materials that exist. Then choose pots that suit your needs and place them on your terrace.

Now we can take care of the plants, being careful, while choosing, to the effect that we want to achieve. We must remember that there are different types of plants: evergreen plants that do not lose their leaves, the ones that change color depending on the season, while others are bare in winter, or other scented vines and other decorations. In the spaces in which you want to create a little ‘more privacy, you can place the climbing plants, using as a support of wooden lattices; or evergreen plants with which to carry out the hedges. We have the plants chosen in such a way that, when they are in bloom, will be in harmony with each other and give color and movement to the terrace.

As a final touch can be placed lighting effects; is sufficient Insert the lights hidden among the plants or place of bright balls on the floor, in the darkest areas . To these may be added even garden furniture such as tables or benches. The end result is a flowery terrace and very colorful, which can accommodate guests or enjoy moments of relaxation.